Operational Research is on the Way...Stay Tuned!



By SimGHOSTS Director Rachel Baily 


The SimGHOSTS Research Committee is working on two research projects exclusively regarding operations. We have just completed our first stage of research and working on IRB approval. We are also applying for grant opportunities with the vision of further developing simulation operations. Our committee involves technicians, researchers, and educators working together to publish groundbreaking data.

It is no secret that I enjoy working with my fellow colleagues because we are a group of doers. We meet once a month with a concept or project, and we work together to get it done. Our meetings are outside of regular work hours giving everyone an opportunity to get involved without affecting their work schedule. With SimGHOSTS support, technicians work with talented, experienced researchers that provide mentorship and opportunities for publications.

Each committee member offers a blog published on SimGHOSTS website giving readers operational and research perspectives on simulation. SimGHOSTS provides multiple opportunities for technicians to get published and dive into research. Stay tuned and revisit our site frequently to read the blogs of all our members and support our effort to advocate for operations within simulation community.