Leading The Way: How Technology is Changing Health Professional Education


Technology is recognised for its ability to increase engagement and enhance understanding. Acknowledging this, Education and other industries are investing significantly in infrastructure, and the development of immersive simulation, visualisation and other technologies to replicate substantial aspects of the real world. This includes utilising wraparound 3D virtual environments, head mounted displays and augmented imagery with holographs. Matching the clarity and resolution of the human eye these technologies provides the sense of being able to “touch” what is not there and provide glimpses of reality which until now have been confined to the imagination. This allows users to move about and view images from different perspectives creating a learning environment that is very different to traditional approaches.

During her plenary presentation at SimGHOSTS Australia, Assoc Prof Patrea Andersen will  showcase examples of technology used in education and other industries that illustrate how cutting-edge technology is being used. She will explore some of the challenges and barriers to success, lessons learnt and provide insight into future developments in this space.

If you are working in health professional education you can’t afford to miss this year’s SimGHOSTS Australia event. As a special collaboration between Simulation Australasia, Australian Society for Simulation in Healthcare (ASSH), and Serious Games Showcase and Challenge Australasia, SimGHOSTS is bringing together the spectrum of simulation and education professionals together to improve learner and patient outcomes. Our regular program has been expanded to include dedicated education, research and serious games, VR & AR streams.  

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