Geek Out With These Audiovisual and IT Courses at SG18AUS





There's nothing better than trying the newest technology on the market. That's why, In addition to a number of hands-on moulage, management, medical, and simulation courses, SG18AUS is offering a number of AV courses to choose from. Each of these courses will feature the latest technology available today as well as tips and tricks from the experts showing you how to fit technology into your everyday work. Be sure and sign up quick because the early-bird registration date is coming up soon and you don't want to miss your chance to save USD$150!


Host: University of the Sunshine Coast Sippy Downs, QLD

Pre-Symposium: 27th June, 2018 Symposium: 28th-29th June, 2018

Early Bird Registration (Ends May 31) USD$425/AUD$570

Regular Registration: USD$575/AUD$770

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Plenary Address:  Leading the way: How Technology is Changing Health Professional Education

Technology is recognised for its ability to increase engagement and enhance understanding. Acknowledging this, Education and other industries are investing significantly in infrastructure, and the development of immersive simulation, visualisation and other technologies to replicate substantial aspects of the real world. This includes utilising wraparound 3D virtual environments, head mounted displays and augmented imagery with holographs. Matching the clarity and resolution of the human eye these technologies provides the sense of being able to “touch” what is not there and provide glimpses of reality which until now have been confined to the imagination. This allows users to move about and view images from different perspectives creating a learning environment that is very different to traditional approaches. This presentation showcases examples of technology used in education and other industries that illustrate how cutting-edge technology is being used. It will explore some of the challenges and barriers to success, lessons learnt and provide insight into future developments in this space.

Plenary Address: Measuring Competency-Based Medical Education: Using Artificial Intelligence to Analyze Cirriculum

A hands on demonstration and lecture on innovative Artificial Intelligence driven solutions for migrating medical education programs to a Competency Based Medical Education (CBME) model. Real world examples of the power of machine learning to harvest assessment data across multiple subsystems including education curriculum assessments such as BlackBoard and ExamSoft and active simulation based practice (including A/V). Automate data mapping against core competency measurements such as Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs), Body Systems, or Skills. Leverage existing data to create a machine learning driven proactive monitoring system for learner performance, creating learner remediation plans and reviewing individualized learner “fingerprints” of competency mastery across all educational phases

A1: Discover advances in AV technology, cloud-based training systems and session management with Vision-X and B-Line

Learn how the latest in AV technology from VisionX and B-line has been implemented in local projects such as the MEPIC centre at Mater Health, USC Paramedicine, The University of Adelaide AHMS and Starship Children's Hospital Auckland. Solutions demonstrated include: session streaming, recording, annotation, assessment, automation, database credentials management, student and staff RFID and card reader technology, cloud-based training systems and session management including mobile device interfaces.

D1:  "What did they say? I cannot hear it" Audio Capture: What Do You Require?

Within simulation, a big component of the work that we do is the streaming, capture and playback of AV ‘audio-visual’. We focus and spend big on the VISUAL with cameras and devices for the video component to be able to see what the participants are doing – but often neglect the first part – the AUDIO side. Many times we find that this oversight causes issues with the success of our programs, especially when the conversation is the key component. This workshop will show you how to identify and implement strategies for improved audio capture and broadcast in a simulation centre.

E1: Ensuring Fit for Purpose: Your AV Problems Solved How to solve a $100k problem without a budget for under $1k not once, but twice! 

This presentation addresses the learnings from two incidents that occurred during important clinical simulation sessions where major components of equipment failed, but the events needed to continue. During this interactive presentation we will discuss and look at various ‘out of the box’ ways that can be achieved when things go south and you need to find stop-gap solutions for both small and large venue AV capture and playback – without a large outlay.\

B6, E6, F6: CAVE2 Experience

The term CAVE is an acronym for CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment. Originally developed by the Electronic Visualisation Laboratory (EVL) at the University of Illinois in Chicago, CAVE 2 creates a 320 degree 3D wraparound virtual environment. On this tour experience the sense of being able to “touch” what is not there and move about to view images from different perspectives. Different to traditional teaching approaches, see how USC is using CAVE 2 to create new immersive learning experiences to simulate aspects of the real world, increase student engagement, enhance understanding and support students achieve learning outcomes.

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