The First One Through The Wall Gets Bloody (or: The Importance of Community)




By Matt Charnetski

The last six weeks have been a period of intense upheaval for me personally.  To be fair, I haven’t necessarily lead a life that is the picture of stability.  I’ve lived substantially on three continents. Loved and lost. Been round and round and out the other side.

Professionally, what we do isn’t easy.  One of my mentors always said: “Simulation always brings out the worst in people.” Whether it be during the event or in the administration and financing of it. The thing that we do is often expensive, time-consuming, challenging, and consuming.

In those dark moments, though, that’s when I most often look to you all.  This tight knit community that we have established around the world. We don’t always get along and we don’t always particularly like each other…  But we share something important. Though this community I have found that what we do can be so intensely fulfilling, gratifying, cost-effective, and incredibly, undeniably important.

Healthcare education is a field that has become intensely factional and competitive.  Maybe it’s always been this way, but my sense has been that it has been getting worse.  Which makes me more and more thankful every time I get a chance to interact with members of the simulation community.  And doubly so when those people are members of the simulation operations community.

You all are my rock.  A group of people who are so passionate about what you do and about doing it right every single time.  A group of people who I find to be more innovative on a day to day basis than most people will have the opportunity to be in their entire lives.  A group of people who keeps pursuing greatness day after day, often in the face of various types of adversity.

I can’t wait to see you all in August as SimGHOSTS in Memphis.  Every time I get to see you all, I know you’ve been the first ones through the wall.  I know that you’ve had days where you leave beaten and battered. And yet you go back.  You keep fighting. You inspire me and make me want to keep fighting as well.

It’s been a long few months, I need my fix.  I need my community. See you soon.