Discover SG18USA Silver Sponsors Lecat's Ventriloscope, Simulaids, Health Scholars & Echo Healthcare


SimGHOSTS is excited to welcome back long-time supporters Ventriloscope and Simulaids for our 2018 USA event. These two companies are multi-time sponsors for our events and we are proud to welcome them back each and every time! We also welcome two new supporters to SimGHOSTS: Health Scholars and Echo Healthcare. We look forward to working with them at our event and learning more about how they can contribute to simulation programs.


Is your high fidelity simulation experiencing low fidelity, due to poor sound quality? Stress no longer! Lecat's Ventriloscope will show you how to incorporate high quality sounds into your mannequin scenarios or even simulate abnormal auscultation findings on Standardized Patients. Heart and Lung sounds can be synchronized to the pulse and breathing of a mannequin or SP. Low cost and easy to use. You can even use any MP3 file you own on our device! Increase throughput of your sim center by having the SP operate the device while freeing the sim tech to do other activities. Check out our full sound library of heart, lung, bowel, vascular, and percussion files and our new line of products too. Increase the reality of all your mannequin and SP scenarios quickly and simply!

 D2: Absolute stickers - Laura Andrews & Chris Redman

Why choose the Ventriloscope for your simulation stethoscope? The world may have become more high tech, but the anatomy and physiology of human beings hasn't changed. We have designed our simulation stethoscope called Ventriloscope to help learners identify abnormalities on patients, in association with human interactions. Our device is intentionally designed to be simple to use while providing the greatest technological reliability, at an affordable cost. Learning Objectives: State the advantages of augmented reality simulation (putting sounds on SPs) Craft realistic SP OSCE cases with judicious use of abnormal sounds List the advantages and disadvantages of blue tooth and infrared transmission.



Simulaids began producing trauma moulage products in the town of Woodstock in 1963. The first order was received and we were on our way. Simulaids’ moulages were the first commercially available wounds for EMS practice. Since our formation, we have led the industry with many firsts which include: “Sim” in our name, CPR Baby manikins, Fire and Water Rescue Manikins, intubation heads manufactured of silicone, hand held Personal Data Assistants for controlling patient simulators, and new silicone moulages offering realistic details and a lifelike feel. Simulaids is proud to currently offer patient simulators controlled by the iPad.

D1: Adding to AI: Patient profile design, expanding the intelligence of Patient Communication Simulators - Angela Hoenig & Rush Goodson

Building patient scenarios within the Patient Communication Simulator cloud-based program. Our program allows you create charts using Google Docs, build initial state for patient, create checklists, set up learner objectives, and many more features to include adding questions and responses specific to your design. Prior to SIMGHOSTS you will be provided with access to a patient profile, and cheat sheet to allow you to explore the ease of patient design. Learning Objectives: Participate in designing of patient scenario and building of states; including description of patient profile, age, gender, and language. Authoring content by adding questions and answers specific to your communication needs. Understand the sharing concept of the cloud based program for group design.




Health Scholars was founded by healthcare professionals who recognized the need to advance immersive education and clinical training effectiveness. Our mission is to improve patient safety via the delivery of experiential learning and advanced simulation to nurses, physicians and team-based healthcare staff via a single, future ready education platform. One that is easy to use, is scalable across a health system, and more effectively manages, delivers and analyzes clinical learning programs. The Health Scholars OneTM blended learning platform delivers advanced learning technologies, methodologies and the best mix of modern and engaging content, including virtual reality simulations. It improves the efficiency of delivering blended learning programs along with the effectiveness of education to enable confident care. Health Scholars is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and has clinical and support operations embedded in the Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center in Peoria, IL.

D5  Is your Simulation Program Future Ready?- Chris Ingwalson and  Jennifer Paul


The Health Scholars team will demo our commercial VR product, Fire in the OR Virtual Reality Simulation. It is a room-scale VR application designed to simulate key scenarios related to surgical fires, a high-risk scenario that can be difficult to simulate, even in high-fidelity simulation centers. As participants get a hands-on demo, Health Scholars will highlight VR content development best practices, share evidence on the effectiveness of using VR simulation, and present options for integrating VR content into your own sim center. We'll also discuss how Health Scholars One Blended Learning Platform is enabling sim centers to deploy and track VR learning content. Learning objectives: Experience the Fire in the OR virtual reality simulation, Review VR content best practices and evidence on the effectiveness of VR in simulation, Compare options for integrating VR content into a simulation center.

Echo Healthcare is a progressive health care simulation and technology company, focused on improving educational experiences through innovation. By providing a level of service never before seen in the industry, Echo Healthcare promises to deliver on the commitment of putting customers first! With over 20 years of medical simulation experience , the team at Echo Healthcare understands that customers need products and services that meet today's demand. Echo Healthcare is proud to represent select global brands that are aligned with our mission to improve patient care through education. To learn more , check us out to see how we are redefining service excellence and innovation! 

D4 Redefining High Fidelity: What it means for your practice - George Thompson

This session will begin with an open and transparent discussion which will be interactive in nature reflecting on the current definition of fidelity. Utilizing specific technology we will ask that you consider expanding your horizons to include some non traditional definitions of "high fidelity". 

Host: University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Pre-Conference: Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Symposium: August 1-3, 2018

Regular Registration: $625

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