Rachel Bailey Ends Term on SimGHOSTS Board of Directors


by outgoing SimGHOSTS Board member Rachel Bailey 



SimGHOSTS has been a part of my life since it started in Vegas.  I remember going into the first conference having less than a year under my belt and feeling nervous about how people would react to a person with no degree, but a hell of a lot of passion for the job.  During my first conference, no one ever asked where I went to school, they only asked where I worked, and were genuine in discussing our field.  I felt welcome through SimGHOSTS, I didn’t feel judged or forced to act like someone other than myself.  The simulation technician community is a group of people that love their job, and love to share what they are doing with others. 

Two years ago, I was approached to become a board member, I was elated that I had such an opportunity, but I reminded SimGHOSTS leadership that I did not have my degree yet.  They politely replied, “Rachel we do not care if you have your degree, we care about the talent you will bring to our organization.”  Again, I thought “This is why I love SimGHOSTS.” 

As I humbly complete my two year term as a board member, I still think of all the people that have impacted my simulation career, all of them I have met through SimGHOSTS.  Although my schooling is taking me in a different direction, I will always remain forever “a sim tech”.  I will remember all the people I have met and all the opportunities I have had though my sim journey.  I have had ups and downs but the people that I have met along the way have kept me grounded.

I want to take time and thank the Board for always being supportive and mission driven.  No one advocates for simulation technicians better than SimGHOSTS.  I also want to remind the community to always empower yourselves and others of the tech community.  Knowledge is power and sharing that knowledge with others helps our community grow.


Note - Rachel Bailey will continue to work with SimGHOSTS as co-chair of the Research Committee, an impressive feat as she works full time in simulation while she completes her studies at Salmon P. Chase Law School. The SimGHOSTS Board are grateful for all that Rachel has done during her two year term and thank Rachel not only for her contribution to SimGHOSTS, but also for her ongoing contribution to the wider healthcare simulation technology community. During her term on the Board Rachel represented SimGHOSTS at two international conferences, is managing a research project, and has contributed to many other SimGHOSTS initiatives. 

Kirrian Steer

Executive Director SimGHOSTS