Sphygmomanometer (BP Cuff) Adjustment


By SimGHOSTS Board member Nick Brauer


Do you have a faulty sphygmomanometer in your simulation lab that needs re-calibrating? There is no need to call in an expert or even worse, to toss it out.  You can simply and easily calibrate it yourself and reset it back to zero. It isn't as difficult as you might think and these simple step by step instructions will make the task a lot less perplexing.

Step 1 - Remove the rubber hose attached below the sphygmomanometer by pulling firmly. 

Step 2 - A nipple on the bottom is now visible. This is used to adjust the resting position of the needle. Using pliers, rotate it in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction to achieve the desired position. 


Step 3 - With the needle now set to "0" on the dial, re-connect the rubber hose by pushing it firmly onto the barbed nipple. The BP cuff is now ready for use!