SimGHOSTS Simulation Champion Award Winner for October


Congratulations to the SimGHOSTS Simulation Champion for October 2018 - Richard Viloria, Director of Simulation Technology across five campuses of West Coast University: Ontario, Orange County, North Hollywood, Dallas and Miami.

Richard was nominated for this award by a colleague who credits him with having created one of the best ‘connected’ simulation programs around! Another colleague was impressed by his ability to achieve the impossible - transform simulation spaces to be able to do things they weren’t designed to do. When notified of Richard’s award, Robyn Nelson, Dean of the College of Nursing at West Coast University said “The job description for the Director of Simulation Technology for West Coast University includes the following adjectives—Leads, Develops, Participates, Analyzes, Evaluates and Collaborates—there is no question that Richard Viloria exemplifies these important essential functions and responsibilities to our simulation education program.  Congratulations Richard on the well-deserved recognition”.

Richard’s professional background is in electrical and electronics engineering and is accompanied by a serious IT skill set. Recognizing the importance and value of simulation, Richard is dedicated to ensuring that the WCU students have the best possible learning experience through simulation. He has also developed simple and efficient solutions to support faculty and simulation operations at each campus.

Efficient systems are key to the success of any program. Richard has simplified the simulation evaluation and student feedback processes at WCU by developing a system for collecting, storing and retrieving student feedback data which allows for quick data analysis for the annual program outcomes review or at other times as needed. By utilising a seldom-used feature on the photocopier, Richard was able to program an email button on the user interface to automatically scan and email the student feedback forms to clinical faculty members in just three steps. All that is required is to press the email button, select the faculty member name and press start. This has replaced a much more cumbersome process that involved simulation faculty manually preparing feedback reports for clinical faculty.

Another initiative of Richard’s that has greatly improved efficiency as well as the learner experience at the Dallas campus is the development of a database of medication label stickers for the WCU Simulation Pharmacy which includes barcode scanning for medications and integrates with the DocuCare EHR system and Pyxis dispensing system used in simulations. In collaboration with simulation technologists and specialists at each campus Richard is currently working on a centralized medication database for all five campuses.

Connectivity may well be Richard’s greatest contribution to the WCU simulation program. Each simulation space has been designed as a self-contained pod with a particular use in mind. Richard has been able to re-configure specialized spaces so that they are also able to operate as general or multi-purpose simulation spaces, be compatible with the range of equipment that each campus has, and still provide AV recordings for debrief or review. This has been achieved through strong relationships with manufacturer support teams, site visits to the five campuses, tailoring solutions for each campus in collaboration with the on-site simulation technologists and specialists, and providing remote troubleshooting and support during implementation and operation.

Richard’s calm demeanor and positive attitude when working with everyone from students to staff has made him a highly respected and valued team member at WCU. The SimGHOSTS team were unanimous in their support of Richard’s nomination and agree that he exemplifies the essential role that simulation technology professionals have in simulation programs.

Richard will receive an Award Certificate and a 3 month SimGHOSTS subscription for his nomination. Each July, voting for the Simulation Champion Trophy is opened featuring the monthly award winners from the previous 12 months. The winner is announced at our USA event in August and receives a trophy and a free registration to a SimGHOSTS event of their choice the following year. If you would like to nominate a Simulation Champion, please fill out the nomination form here.