The secret to simulation success - having a mentor!


by SimGHOSTS Mentorship Program Coordinator and Board member, Billie Paschal


When I joined simulation in July of 2011, I like many others, had no true grasp of what this was all about.  Like many, at the beginning of that decade, the conversation started like, “…we have a grant, and we purchased this equipment…” I was game but soon realized that there was more to this simulation gig than putting a Laerdal Nursing Anne together, making simulated medications and making the simulation space look nice for “VIP” tours at the small community college I was working.  Attending a vendor one-day training course was very helpful, but I knew that there was so much more to learn.

I attended my first SimGHOSTS in San Antonio, and I found this world of people.  A huge “think tank” so much knowledge the potential of untapped resources intoxicated me.  I became a mentee. Now, please do not tell the numerous men and women that gave me guidance along this journey, as some people put undue pressure on themselves when they know that they are the mentor.   Being a mentee was the best career decision I have made, thus far.  Not only did my confidence and knowledge base increase tenfold, but I also became more creative and even brought ideas to my director and dean.  So not only did being a mentee benefit me, it benefited my simulation program. We were a small community college in Texas running simulations at the university level. The college was able to run these advanced simulations due to what I had gained from my mentors involved in universities, hospitals, and even military-based programs that had started the journey before us.

After all these years I have moved to a mentor level.  Just this week I connected via LinkedIn with someone looking to enter this wonderful world of healthcare simulation.  Among my first words to her, “find a mentor it will make a world of difference.” Now I am at this level and want to share the world of mentoring with others in the simulation.  To learn more about the benefits of being a mentor or a mentee and to find out how to participate in the SimGHOSTS 2019 Mentorship Program please join the SimGHOSTS Mentorship Program team and me for an information session via webinar on Monday, November 19 at 4 pm PST.