Accelerate Opportunity! SG19USA Call for Abstracts Launched



Opportunities exist all around us. Opportunities to improve quality, safety, outcomes, and cost. Opportunities to grow, innovate, learn, and give. The theme for SimGHOSTS 2019 USA is "Accelerate Opportunity" with subthemes:

Identify opportunity

Create opportunity

Embrace opportunity

Empower others through opportunity

As a special opportunity for presenters at the SG19USA event, we will be running a stream presented in Spanish throughout the program. Presenters may submit their abstract in English or Spanish. Abstracts are now being accepted for this event and must be submitted through the links below.

There are four presentation options available:

Digital Poster Presentation

A digital display explaining a project, methodology or program at your center. At least one author will conduct a 10 minute (including Q&A) presentation of the poster during an allocated session in the event program.

Innovation Showcase Presentation

A live or pre-recorded demonstration of an innovation project from your center. This may include product design and development, software/app creation, or modification of an existing product so that it may be used in a novel way. At least one author will conduct a 10 minute (including Q&A) demonstration during an allocated session in the program.

Oral presentation/demonstration

A traditional 25 or 50 minute (including Q&A) presentation or demonstration to a group of up to 50 people. Interactivity and the use of digital media is encouraged and specialized spaces are available. This presentation style is recommended for ‘best practice’ presentations, demonstrations, open-table or panel discussions, research, and innovative projects.  


A 50 or 110 minute interactive workshop during which participants will have opportunity to create or contribute to a product or experience. Examples from previous events include moulage application, casting and molding, task trainer construction, programming, electronics, debriefing, and operational processes. Specialized spaces such as computer laboratories, simulation laboratories and rooms with hard floors and sinks are available at the venue.

Presentations may be submitted under the following topics:

  • Audiovisual Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Management & Operations
  • Medical/Clinical Concepts
  • Moulage, Staging & Task Trainer Development
  • Simulation Technology
  • Educational practices

Get more information or submit your abstract here!