The Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018



Looking for some great blogs to add to your daily reading? Here are 10 that are worth your time! As the year is coming to an end, take a recap of our blogs that will pique your simulation interest. 




Our 10 most popular blog posts for 2018 are:


10.  Top Moulage Tutorials To Inspire You For Halloween - by Kirrian Steer

Moulage has traditionally been an intriguing interest in simulation.  Halloween was no exception as the blog post was a favorite.

9.  Blood Pressure Cuff Hackby Nick Brauer

Nick shows you how to save money by creating a BP cuff for your manikin using parts from old BP cuffs and a few simple supplies, still a favorite.


8.  Microphone and Voice Configuration for SimMan 3Gby Nick Brauer

Board member Nick walks you through setting up a microphone and configuring the Laerdal Voice Conferencing App with pictures and simple to follow instructions.


7.  Webinar "INACSL Standards of Best Practice: Simulation Operations" - presented by Jesika Gavilanes and Dr. Scott Crawford

Board member Dr. Scott Crawford and Jesika Gavilanes Director of Operations for OHSU Simulation at the Collaborative Life Sciences Building, share their insight into the INACSL Standards of Best Practice for the Simulation Operations.

6.  SimMan 3G: The Very Basic Overviewby Mohammad Alamar

The complexity of high fidelity can complicate your decision to purchase or operate a SimMan 3G.  SimGHOSTS MEA Officer Mohammad Alamar, simplifies the break down of the Laerdal SimMan 3G.

5.  SimGHOSTS Founder Lance Baily Ends Executive Director Role, Puts Rumor to Rest & Looks Towards 2018

Founder Lance Baily reflects on his achievements and legacy as the Executive Director of SimGHOSTS 2018.

4.  Vote now for the 2018 SimGHOSTS Sim Champion

A favorite of blogs, was the submission of simulation technologist or operations specialist who make a significant contribution to their simulation programs.  SimGHOSTS recognized those with the Simulation Champion Award.

3.  Sim Pad Quick Fixby Nick Brauer

Posted in 2016 and a top three favorite, Board member Nick to the rescue with instructions for troubleshooting and repairing your SimPad.

2.  SKINcredible! Building a form to make a better suture padby Mark Johanneck

Mark shares step-by-step instructions for mass-production of suture pads, saving you time and most importantly, money!


1.  What Are We? Defining who a Simulation Specialist is and Tackling the Controversiesby guest blogger Arielle Glen

And the most visited blog post of 2018, was Arielle Glen’s insight in defining who a simulation specialist is and the value behind the simulation career.