SimGHOSTS Simulation Champion Award January 2019




Infant ECMO trainer developed by Narciso Gonzales


Congratulations to the SimGHOSTS Simulation Champion for January: Narciso Gonzales, Simulation Technician at Baylor Scott and White Medical Center at Temple TX.

Narciso was nominated by a colleague who described him as somebody who does an amazing job of bringing simulation to life using moulage and creativity despite limited time. Another colleague admires his dedication to helping and teaching others. Both agreed that one of the greatest contributions that Narciso makes to the simulation education program at Baylor Scott and White is his ability to design and build task trainers to the exact specifications and requests of simulation faculty. This has earned him the admiration and respect of both physicians and peers at BSW Medical Center.

While working alongside the Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) team in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), there was an identified need for healthcare workers to practice cannulation and IV insertion before initiating a neonate on ECMO. The lack of ability to obtain access created an issue in the suspension of disbelief in the simulation as participants would verbalizing obtaining IV access instead of actually performing the procedure. With these identified limitations, recommendations were made by the department to build a low cost ECMO task trainer. It was intended that for future simulations this task-trainer would provide a means for a multidisciplinary approach that encompassed all aspects of ECMO initiation. Prior to this there was not a task-trainer available to the departments for utilization nor the funds to purchase a commercially made task-trainer. In less than 24 hours Narciso was able to use a baby doll to create a task trainer that allowed for IV and ECMO catheter placement, and simulated circulation of blood through the ECMO machine. It allowed for faults to be introduced to increase the challenge presented to learners and provided the ability to demonstrate all levels of ECMO activation.

This is just one of many task trainers that Narciso has created using low-cost and re-purposed materials to have a high impact on learner experience without significant cost. Others include:

A Swan-Ganz model for pulmonary artery catheter insertion and care that was developed for nursing staff, and

a pump system with a mannequin to simulate the act of vomiting while intubating was developed at the request of the Emergency Medicine Department.

Narciso was originally hired for his IT expertise but it is his creative and engineering skills that have shone as he strives to support the learning outcomes in the BSW Medical Center education program. The SimGHOSTS team agree that Narciso demonstrates the passion, expertise and commitment to healthcare simulation technology that exemplifies a Simulation Champion and were unanimous agreement to support this nomination.

Narciso will receive an Award Certificate and a 3 month SimGHOSTS subscription for his nomination. Each July, voting for the Simulation Champion Trophy is opened featuring the monthly award winners from the previous 12 months. The winner is announced at our USA event in August and receives a trophy and a free registration to a SimGHOSTS event of their choice the following year. If you would like to nominate a Simulation Champion, please fill out the nomination form here.