Maximizing Mentoring Relationships



by SimGHOSTS Board Member, Lori Lioce


 Maximizing Mentoring Relationships

Do you have a mentor? Want to know how to blow their socks off?  Try these tips and tricks to up your effectiveness

  •  WHEN. Set a regular meeting time.
  • HOW.  Identify agreed upon methods of communication. For me, email chains are easy to review before and after calls and provide a historical view of progress.
  • WHAT. Clearly set 2-3 objectives for the relationship so you can see your progress.
  • Get organized.
    • Set up a folder on your desktop to keep the relationship a priority. Place all brainstorming and project development in one place.
    • Keep a notebook for ideas and projects discussed at each meeting.
    • Take notes for you to reflect upon and clarify via a follow up text or email if needed.
    • Ponder on the discussion and suggestions and select the thoughts that most resonate. Use those to make a personal plan.

During your meetings:

  • Stay focused on the identified objectives.  It is easy to get scattered and use up your time together on items you hadn’t planned on discussing.  You may have touch base calls where that IS the goal.  You can also set other meetings to make a plan to accomplish your objectives.  A mix of both provides balance and satisfaction.
  • Make the most out of your time with your mentor.   
    • DON’T
      • Agree to a time that really isn’t optimal. Plan your meetings while driving or when you cannot give the time together your undivided attention.
    • DO
      • Block your calendar for 15 minutes after each call for reflection.
  • AFTER each contact with your mentor
    • Summarize your thoughts in writing. Consider sharing by email with your mentor. This shows you value the time and will help you progressing toward your goals.
    • Confirm your next meeting.
    • Identify topics for your next mentoring meeting. This allows follow up and preparation!
  • BEFORE each contact review the topics from the last contact so you are prepared to move a step forward.  Be proactive!


People often confuse mentoring and coaching. Though related, they are not the same. A mentor may coach, but a coach is not a mentor. Mentoring is “relational,” while coaching is “functional.” Management Mentors has in depth information and resources.

Developing a relationship takes mutual agreement, respect, intentional consistent interaction and genuine interest in another person’s view and development.  If both parties entering into a mentoring relationship don’t have all of these elements - don’t agree to a mentoring relationship. One of the most dissatisfying relationships is a failed mentorship.  Believe me, I have good mentors and bad mentors and you can inspire innovation and success or shatter hopes and dreams.  

SimGHOSTS mentorship program provides mentee-centered relationships to help operation specialists move to the next level in their organizations and personal growth.  Inspiring innovations and creativity in providing solutions in healthcare simulation. This unique mentorship program offers a genuine method of creating community and operation experts through the value of diversity, team building and collaboration all while fostering the love for learning.

Taken seriously, mentors can help shape a career, softly offer alternative views, and promote investment in others.  Paying it forward after a successful mentorship relationship can impact countless others.  Relationships may be defined by a period of time but often last throughout careers.  Once trust has been established the possibilities are endless.  Try it – change a life. Sow something positive in a colleague today.  Pay it forward by investing in someone else. The satisfaction is priceless.