SimGHOSTS Simulation Champion Award Winner for February 2019


Congratulations to the SimGHOSTS Simulation Champion for February 2019 - Aidyn Samyltyrov, Simulation Specialist at Nazarbayev University School of Medicine (NUSOM)  in Kazakhstan.


Aidyn was nominated for this award by a colleague who praises Aidyn’s herculean effort in resourcing equipment and supplies in a developing country. Another colleague admires Aidyn’s ability to start at a simulation center with no experience and be able to teach himself the skills needed to deliver a quality simulation program.

Simulation technology professionals come from a variety of backgrounds, but these are usually clinical or technical (IT, AV or engineering). Aidyn’s background is in the military, construction and logistics, which isn’t such an obvious stepping stone into healthcare simulation. It has however equipped Aidyn with two very important skills that he has used to his advantage and to benefit the learners and faculty at NUSOM.

Aidyn’s background in logistics and the connections he made have proved invaluable in being able to quickly access equipment and consumables at competitive prices. This is a respected skill in Western countries, but in a central Asian developing country it is a colossal achievement. Creative problem solving skills that were developed while working in the construction industry mean that Aidyn is able to fix existing problems, anticipate problems before they occur, and also see things that can be improved upon and implement a solution.

An equally impressive quality of Aidyn’s is his ability to teach himself clinical concepts, medical terminology, IT networking, manikin operation and repair, and simulation methodology. This is a hallmark skill of all high-performing healthcare simulation technology specialists and Aidyn’s rapid rise from an administrative position to simulation specialists is testament to this.

Aidyn’s professional integrity and high personal standards mean that he consistently performs above expectations to ensure that the simulations at NUSOM are of a standard that would be delivered anywhere in the world. He demonstrates a noble commitment to the students, faculty and ultimately the patients who will be cared for by NUSOM graduates. His calm and steady demeanor mask the sometimes chaotic preparations required to deliver simulations with limited resources.

The SimGHOSTS team were unanimous in their support of Aidyn’s nomination and agree that he is a highly worthy recipient of this month’s award.  

Aidyn will receive an Award Certificate and a 3 month SimGHOSTS subscription for his nomination. Each July, voting for the Simulation Champion Trophy is opened featuring the monthly award winners from the previous 12 months. The winner is announced at our USA event in August and receives a trophy and a free registration to a SimGHOSTS event of their choice the following year. If you would like to nominate a Simulation Champion, please fill out the nomination form here.