Meet the Simulus4 Hackathon Winners!



Congratulations to Simulus4 Hackathon winners Dr Tavpritesh Sethi, Dr Shakila Utrapathy, Dr Akshay Jadhav, Mr Yasuhiro Matsuura and Mr Karthik PB who won the First National Hackathon for Simulation in Healthcare held at AIIMS, Delhi on 3rd March 2019.

The Simulation Hackathon encouraged simulation experts to develop low-cost effective training models to enable safe simulation training across India’s healthcare training institutions.

The winning team designed a low-cost model with Augmented Reality for identifying shock, thermal patterns for extremities and sensors with haptic feedback for pulse during resuscitation for shock.

As part of their prize the team will be mentored by AMTZ to help bring their design to production. Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone Limited (AMTZ) is an initiative of the Government of Andhra Pradesh to promote medical device manufacturing in India. The team members each received an annual subscription to SIMGHOSTS.

The Simulus4 conference was a joint meeting of PediSTARS, IPSS and INSPIRE organised by the Department of Pediatrics, AIIMS.