Raise Your IT and AV Game With These SG19USA Sessions!




Join Simulation Champions from around the world at Florida International University in Miami, July 30th-August 2nd 2019 for SimGHOSTS USA. These sessions will make sure your simulations are set up for success!


Successful In Situs: A Simulation Specialist’s Perspective - Tyler Burks

Secure the success of your in situ simulations by learning how to create a mobile AV unit, place and use cameras, communicate during simulations

Creating Methods of Organization to Simplify and Sustain Simulation Center Management - Merona Hollingsworth & Juan Gonzalez

Maximise your administrative resources by learning how to use tools in office software to collect and report on center consumption and utilization, and to streamline the tracking and management of simulation equipment. See the best web apps for organizing documents and scheduling in your sim program.

Do I Need to Know IT? Ferooz Sekandarpoor

Designed for those who are technology-challenged, this hands-on workshop will show you how to manage essential network connectivity and security aspects of your simulation center.

Avoid Pitfalls When Incorporating AV into a Simulation Center Design - David Escobar, Level 3 Healthcare

Learn how to address common points of failure and incorporate best practices into simulation center design from Simulation AV experts Level 3 Healthcare.

Preparing for Tomorrow’s AV Technology, Today - Evan Bartley & J Smith

Explore strategies to assist with future-proofing your simulation center infrastructure and get a glimpse emerging simulation lab technologies.

Making the Connection: Managing AV Signals for the Non-IT-AV Simulation Tech Specialist - Ron Repasy

Struggling with blank screens during your simulations? Get your medical and simulation equipment communicating with your AV system and monitors by using the right cables and connectors.


FIU Simulation Teaching and Research (STAR) Center

July 30th-August 2nd 2019

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