Moulage Masterclasses and More in the SG19USA Moulage and Fabrication Track




Join the creative geniuses who love to boost the buy-in for their simulations with realistic special effects make-up and custom prosthetics. Whether novice or advanced check out this great line-up of amazing workshops.


SimBodies Basic and Advanced Moulage Techniques Preconference Workshops - Linzi Foxcroft & Joanna Wilson, SimBodies

SimBodies (aka TraumaFX UK) are industry leaders in moulage and SFX. Get a grounding in the fundamentals or step it up with some advanced skills in the pre-conference workshops on Tuesday July 30th. Numbers are strictly limited to ensure plenty of practice time and individual attention.  


Stop the Bleed - Upper & Lower Limb workshops - Linzi Foxcroft & Joanna Wilson, SimBodies

Learn how to simulate hemorrhaging wounds, gunshot entry and exit wounds, packable wounds and more in these two hour workshops led by UK moulage experts from SimBodies.


Trach Model Adaptation for Realism - Jane Fedoruk

Build a tracheostomy training model using a 3D printed cric trainer created by Dr Kei and Dr Mebust from Kaiser Permanente, and skin adaptation developed at the University of Manitoba.


Casting and Silicone Moulage for Realism and Repeatability - Steven Lichtenberg

Mass produce silicone moulage products such as wounds and lacerations to streamline operations and reduce expenses in your simulation program. Learn how to take it even further and create mask overlays for your manikin to quickly and easily change the age, gender and appearance!


Revenge of the Cyst - Zak Wade

This one is for all you Dr Pimple Popper fans! Make and rupture your very own cyst. You’ll need to have intermediate level moulage skills for this one!


Advanced Moulage: Movie Materials & Techniques for Mascal Realism - David Shablak and Will Enfinger

Learn how to manage moulage for large scale activities with multiple manikins or role-players. Learn both moulage and time management techniques to ensure your mass casualty simulations run to plan.


Fast and Effective uses of Moulage for Manikins and Task Trainers - David Shablak & Will Enfinger

With a focus on learning objectives and return on investment, David and Will can show you how to balance the need for visual cues for learners with the demands of preparing and cleaning up moulage for manikins and task trainers. Find out which products are safe for your simulation equipment and the quickest and easiest ways to remove makeup, adhesives and artificial blood products.


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FIU Simulation Teaching and Research (STAR) Center, Miami Fl

July 30th-August 2nd 2019

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