Must-See Video Tutorials for Simulation Technology Specialists


By SimGHOSTS President Ferooz Sekandarpoor

We all know that the content of YouTube is increasing by the second on almost every topic imaginable. With that in mind I checked for content that could help our Simulation Technology Specialists community.  There were some great examples from within the healthcare simulation community and also from other industries. 

Here are five of my must-watch videos for everyone working with healthcare simulation technology. 

1. CHSOS Exam pt.1 - Keys To Success 

In this video David Escobar, who is a simulation technology specialists himself, talks about the CHSOS exam and requirement of applying for the exam. He divided this topic into three videos - part 1 is shown here and parts 2  and 3 area available on the Level 3 Healthcare YouTube Channel. Throughout the series he talks about the tools and references that are available such SimGHOSTS’s event that offers the prep courses for CHSOS and other resources that will help individuals advance their simulation knowledge and to pass the test and get certified. 

2. Moulage (How to simulate a Burn Wound)


This a great video that is published by the Northern Ontario School of Medicine in Canada where the presenter shows the materials, tools, and techniques to create different types of burn injuries. I think this 5 minute video would be a great start for those who would like to continue learning about moulage.

3. Types of AV cables

I think this is a great quick 7 minute video that talks and shows the types of AV cables and connectors that we as Simulation Technology Specialists deal on a day to day basis. While this video could be very basic for those that come from AV background I am sure it is going to be very useful for others with no AV or technical background. What I like about his video is that it animates and explains things with a lot of details that I am sure even some technical people will learn from too.

4. 2.4 GHz vs 5 GHz WiFi: What is the difference?


We are all familiar with WiFI technology and we are all using it every day at work and our homes. I bet many of you already reading this blog on your devices that are connected to WiFi but do you know which frequency your wifi router is connected? This video explains the WiFi in such detail that by the end of this video you will know which frequency is better and if you are out for buying a new router you have the knowledge to choose the one that fits your need. 

5. How Video Compression Works


We have all recorded videos in the past and some of us record videos everyday whether with our phones or our debriefing system that are installed in our simulation centers. Have you ever noticed what the format of your video files are or what type of compression your system records? It is important to know this information so you can make better decision when you want to buy a new or upgrade your existing video equipment or AV system. If you ever wanted to know the difference between 720P, 1080P, HD and 4K videos, this short video helps you understand them in more detail.