All Your Simulation Technology Needs Under One Roof!



It shouldn't be a surprise that the Simulation Technology Track dominates the program at SG19USA. Here is a quick summary to help you choose which sessions to attend.

Get to Know Nursing Anne Simulator - Steve Ospina, Laerdal Medical

Laerdal Medical brings years of industry expertise to the simulation-based education field. Anne is available to introduce you to her simulator features and provide a demonstration of both the system and simulator components.


Hybrid Learning Environments: Scaling Simulation for Online Experiential Learning – EMS

Let EMS show you how to merge simulation technology with healthcare education. This simulation will introduce you to an online world where flexibility and collaboration work together to provide a quality experience.


Printing Pennies: 3D Printing on a Budget - Jimmy Johnson 

Learn how to differentiate between the types of 3D printing and printing materials. This presentation will provide valuable insight into the best printer for your needs.


One Tool, Multiple Disciplines: Teaching and Assessing RT, BP and Cardio with the Ventriloscope - Laura Andrews, Lecats Ventriloscope

Let your eyes and ears guide you in an interactive rotation where Laura demonstrates how to use Ventriloscope to sync a live heartbeat with a manikin's pulse.


Managing multi-patient scenarios using a Distributed Simulation Environment - Greg Vis, Simulaids

Participation is encouraged in this presentation where you will learn how multi patient scenarios can be used to promote management, prioritization, and delegation skills. This tablet based SimVS Virtual Simulation System will be available to a hands-on experience.


Under the Hood of Ares - Alexander Rondero

Learn the tricks and tips to problem solve most issues that occur with patient simulators. This course will use the ARES patient Simulator to break down proven techniques to troubleshoot common simulator issues.


Redefining Service in an Educational Construct - David Halliwell & Kevin King

Simulation technology simplified! Participation is encouraged in this informative discussion surrounding the myriad of ways technological advances can shape an educational environment.


Working with Victoria: The World's Most Advanced L&D Patient Simulator - Tyson Rodriguez

Let Gaumard show you why their simulation products are used worldwide This hands-on presentation will introduce you to Victoria, who will demonstrate why she is considered their most advanced L& D patient simulator. Discussions will expand upon UNI software and how to maintain best practices.


Expanding Collaboration Opportunities via Telehealth - Lori Lioce, Garnett Duenow & Hunter Cowing

Interested in telehealth? If so, don’t miss this presentation on the role simulation plays in telehealth. Not only will they discuss National Goals and current examples of existing integration, you will be given the opportunity to create your own action plan to meet your telehealth needs.


Hide The Trash Can! Save Time and Money by Reusing and Repurposing Medical Consumables - Preston Phillips, Colton Crook & Mark Zumalt

Learn how recycling medical consumables can save time and money in a simulation environment. Ziel will show you tips and tricks to reuse and re-purpose the most common procedure kits to get more bang for your buck.


Preventive Maintenance: Developing and Implementing a PM Program for your Simulation Center - Matt Stieber & Erica Hinojosa

Let these preventive experts show you how to not only create a preventive maintenance plan but tips on gathering support from management in this detailed presentation.


Electronics Basics - Warming up to Soldering and Current Trends in Electricity $25 - Victor Torres

Feel the power while attending this informative hands-on workshop where you will practice your soldering skills. Leave this class with in-depth knowledge of soldering types and techniques.


Ocular Ultrasound Task Simulator: Journey from Invention to Patent Using 3D Printing - Yixing Chen, Dan Brainard & Kelley Stanko

Learn about the importance of Ocular ultrasound and the patent process for simulation task trainers. This 3D FDM printed task trainer will demonstrate how ocular ultrasound simulations can provide skills that are important in emergency medicine.


Aprendiendo a Soldar: Como Inyectar Nueva Vida en una Batería Desgastada $25 - Victor Torres

Sienta el poder mientras asiste a este taller práctico informativo donde practicará sus habilidades de soldadura. Deje esta clase con un profundo conocimiento de los tipos y técnicas de soldadura.


Innovation Showcase


Create Opportunity with an Infant Trach Task Trainer - Billie Paschal

See how Cook’s Children’s Hospital used simple hardware tools and common lab materials to create Tracy the Trach Trainer to educate families on how to perform infant tracheotomy maintenance.


Talking Heads: Audio Solutions for Simulations - Robert Vega

Delve into the world of audio sounds and learn the best suited types of audio devices for your manikin needs.



Creating Opportunity Through Identifying Cost Savings with Molding, Casting, and Creating with Silicone  - Shellie Kirby

Watch and learn as this presentation demonstrates how to reduce costs by creating your own silicone molds.


Health Professions Summer Camp  - Jennifer Weeks & Alma Gray

Look at innovative ways to generate revenue while exposing future healthcare providers to Simulation technology.


Integrating Simple Solution with EHR Tutor Charting and Medications in High Fidelity Simulation - Daniel Rodriguez

Medication administration and charting are essential skills for healthcare providers. This presentation shows how these two activities can be integrated into a simulation to provide students the chance to practice their skills.


Mastering Mock Codes: Improving Clinical Response One Unit at a Time - Julie Lee

Learn how to improve code responsiveness on patient care units in this digital presentation. The Dayton VA Simulation Program will be used to demonstrate how creativity can help overcome obstacles.


Operational Efficiency for Procedural Simulation - David Mathew

Efficiency is the focus of this poster and will share methods and processes that have been proven to be successful in procedural simulations.


Resuscitative Hysterotomy Interactive Poster - Sue Zelko

As resuscitative hysterectomies only occur in 1 out of 100,000 pregnancies, the skill behind this procedure is not readily available to medical professionals. This presentation provides insight into this life saving measure.


Poster Presentations & Innovation Showcase: The Benefits of Creating an Idiot’s Guide for all Interfaces of Manikins in a Simulation Center: A Story from Dubai - Abi Sayed

This presentation expands upon the importance of simplicity in the interfaces of manikins. Easy to understand interfacing promotes better learning.


With thanks to guest author: Kristina Austin