Streamline your Simulation Operations with Expert Advice


Your simulation center will run like clockwork with advice, tools and systems from these highly experienced simulationists! They are all available at SimGHOSTS USA in Miami July 30-August 2nd 2019. 


A Review and How to Operationalize the Revised INACSL Standards of Best Practice: Simulation SM 2018 - Cynthia Foronda
Don’t miss this informative presentation where you will learn how to operationalize the INACSL standards and learn what resources will be needed to achieve this goal.

Logistics and Planning for Mass Casualty Events - Matt Charnetski & Will Enfinger
Mass casualty simulation events can be a challenge! Let these experts break down the logistics and requirements you need for a large-scale event. 

Training Technologists - Jimmy Johnson & Kino Sisoura
Need a better way to orient your new hires? Learn about the Tiered Skills Acquisition Method (TSAM) and how it can save you time, lower turnover/burnout rates, and increase your staff’s confidence.

Mission Possible: How to Run Simulations for +100 Learners Per Day. A Multi-learner Academic Simulation Scheduling Approach - Yixing Chen, Elliott Oberneder, Allison Spencer & Cristina Alvarado
Need new ideas for your high- volume scenarios? If so, you can’t miss this presentation highlighting the logistics and methodologies necessary to plan and deliver a trouble-free high-volume simulation schedule.

Making Scenario Templates More User Friendly - Jane Robinson & James Bloodgood
Work smarter not harder! Let this workshop expand your template library with a discussion on the role templates can play in scenario delivery. You will be given a chance to practice implementing your new skills with a scenario setup to guide you through the process.

Operational Considerations for Standardized Patient Programming - Matt Charnetski & Lori Lioce
If you would like to know more about how simulation-based education can affect your return on investment, don’t miss this presentation.  This discussion will allow attendees to learn from the experiences of other professionals as they share their knowledge on patient programs in a variety of cultural and healthcare settings.

FIU STAR Center Tour
The Simulation Teaching and Research (STAR) Center gives you the opportunity to witness the many innovative simulation experiences offered by Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Prepare to be impressed by the technology found in the only South Florida simulation center completely accredited by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.

Essential Ingredients for Inventory Management - Jessica Ockimey
Who couldn’t learn more organizational skills? If you are responsible for the ordering and maintenance of your center, you will want to attend this presentation. At its conclusion, the pros and cons of various management systems will no longer be a mystery.

Creating Methods of Organization to Simplify and Sustain Simulation Center Management - Merona Hollingsworth & Juan Gonzalez
If you are responsible for the operation, planning or design of a simulation center, you won’t want to miss this presentation demonstrating tools to make your job easier. Learn about the types of technology that can be utilized to streamline your maintenance, assist with scheduling, and collect data on center consumption.  

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FIU Simulation Teaching and Research (STAR) Center, Miami Fl

July 30th-August 2nd 2019

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With thanks to guest author: Kristina Austin