A Perfect Match


By SimGHOSTS Mentorship Program Coordinator, Billie Paschal 

As SimGHOSTS has opened registrations for Cohort Two of its Mentorship Program I wanted to share with everyone what has proved to be a great pairing, and a textbook version of a Mentorship relationship.  I would like to tell the story of Tim Whitaker and Brooke South.

Tim Whitaker has nearly twenty years’ experience in healthcare simulation and is one the elite holding both the CHSE and CHSOS certifications.  I had the privilege of meeting and collaborating with Tim as a member of the CHSOS exam review committee in 2017.  Knowledge and sharing just exudes from him.  When I saw his application I knew someone was going to get a career changing mentor.

I recall meeting Brooke South at the 2017 SimGHOSTS event in Raleigh.  She is a Registered Respiratory Therapist at a hospital in North Carolina and that event was her first SimGHOSTS.  Brooke, like many, had simulation “thrust upon her” and SimGHOSTS was a great start to the simulation fast-track.

Matching these two seemed rather easy for Nick Brauer and I to do and at the time we had no idea that it would prove to be so beneficial.  Brooke had a change in her administration that left her needing to justify the need for funding for healthcare simulation.  She was also battling a challenge that many of us have, getting buy-in from staff.  Tim was able to empower Brooke with tools to deal with both.  Thanks to Tim's encouragement, Brooke will also be presenting at her facility on the importance of simulation to patient safety in fall 2019.

Brooke has enjoyed the feedback from Tim, affirming that what they are doing has them on the right path.  It is a mentorship in the truest sense.  Brooke according to Tim, “is a firecracker” and her leadership style has her rolling with the punches.  Both Brooke and Tim agree that the time commitment was less than they planned.  Using emails and a weekly phone call check-in has helped the mentorship grow.

I am hopeful that this story will motivate you join either as a mentor or mentee to our second cohort.  Simulation technology and operations is a niche field with limited training available. This program is provided at the mere cost of SimGHOSTS membership.  If know somebody who could benefit from this opportunity encourage them to apply or contact us for more information.