Simulation Technology and Operations Research and Education Initiatives at SG19USA


Explore the latest healthcare simulation operations and technology research project and educational strategies in these presentations available at SimGHOSTS USA in Miami July 30-August 2nd 2019. 


Evaluation of Technical Competency in Health Care Simulation Tool: A Modified Delphi Study - Patrick Hughes & Scott Atkinson

If you'd like to learn more about the (Evaluation of Technical Competency in Health Simulation) E-TeCHS tool, you will not want to miss this session! The experts on this subject will cover the myriad of elements within the simulation tool and show you how to use it in a technical skills assessment.

Introduction to Educational Theory for Simulation Professionals - Matt Charnetski

Want to know more about how education theory comes into play within a simulation environment? Look no further! This presentation will lead discussions on the influence theory exerts on our actions and how to use that knowledge to your advantage.

Are You Capturing Simulation Data? You Should! - Eduardo Luevano & Victor Torres

Numbers are everywhere! Learn how to best gather, analyze and use the simulation data available to you. This presentation will help identify data points that you might be overlooking and guide you on how to conduct a thorough analysis. 

Storytelling for Better Patient Outcomes - Saee Dhoble, Sarah Atwood & April McGarry

Learn about the power of storytelling in a simulation environment. This workshop will expand your understanding on how a narrative can encourage learning and empathy within a clinical setting.

Scholarship for Simulation Technologists: Publishing your Innovative Ideas on - Edward Rovera

Anyone interesting in becoming a published author should attend this presentation. An informative overview will be provided that teaches about the benefits of becoming a published author and guides you through the (a peer review online journaling PubMed) publication process.

New Trend in Training: Taking Hi-Fidelity Simulation Cross-Country to Under-Resourced Anesthetists - Narendra Bhimsan

The challenges in conducting mobile simulation training are set at a whole new level when transporting high fidelity simulators to train health professionals in under-resourced countries in Africa. Learn more about how health professionals and communities in Tanzania and Zambia benefit from this project.

Exploring Training Foundations Healthcare Managers use to Train the Simulation Operation Specialists - Troy Hambrick

What does it take to be a simulation operation specialist? This discussion will explain the training and strategies that were discovered during this research study.

Implementation of In Situ Simulation in Two District General Hospitals - Natalie Shields, K Redington & Angela McCallum

Learn how in situ simulations can provide learner satisfaction and explore the benefits that were experienced as a result of this interprofessional and interdepartmental in-situ simulation study in the UK.

Introduction to Research and Assessment for the Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist - Matt Charnetski & Lori Lioce

If you would like to understand how research principles and assessment can improve the quality of your center’s research, do not miss this discussion. In addition, panelists will describe the role a Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist plays in designing, implementing, and analyzing simulation assessments or research projects.

An Analysis of Technical, Operations and Management Roles in Healthcare Simulation - Kirrian Steer, Billie Paschal & Todd Hillman

This presentation will introduce you to the many similarities and differences found in simulation technologist roles around the world. Join us for an informative discussion on how to best recruit and train simulation technologists, and discover how this profession has evolved over the past few years.


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FIU Simulation Teaching and Research (STAR) Center, Miami Fl

July 30th-August 2nd 2019

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