Free Apps for your Simulation Program


By SimGHOSTS Vice President Nick Brauer 

Many of us simulation technology and operations specialists are caught up in the day-to-day tasks of maintaining the sim center;  setting & cleaning up, running sims both SP and manikin based, troubleshooting and the list goes on and on.  Staying on top of the newest technology, trends and educational content sometimes takes a back seat especially when there is little time.  With that being said, let’s consider medical based apps that may assist you and those to whom you offer services.  While the Apps below are not intended to lighten your work load, they  may be of value to you today and in the future.  

STAR:  Simulation Tools and Resources -  is a tool offered by Peadiatric Innovation, Education and Research Network (PIER).  The app is free and is available for both Android and iOS devices.  STAR offers users the ability to upload content as well as access other shared content.  Curricula are divided into specialties and sub specialties thus allowing users the ability to search specific categories.  Content that is uploaded is reviewed by content experts to ensure validity.  Simulation content may contain rich media (photos, video, audio, etc.) to enhance the fidelity.  Lastly, STAR provides links to curated sites for moulage, sim templates, media and more.  Find out more here.

Touch Surgery -  (4.5 stars iOS App Store) Founded by two surgeons who have a passion to solve problems of global surgical inequality with digital technology.  The app is free and offers users over 200 cases from 14 different specialties.  Surgeons can learn, prepare and test on surgical procedures anytime, anywhere.   Each case offers the following information:  Background, Learning Objectives, Key Surgical Objectives, Indications/Contraindications, Possible Complications, Preoperative Preparation, and Postoperative Care followed by References. Find out more here. 

Buckingham Virtual Tympanum – (5 stars iOS App Store) is an interactive learning tool that provides high quality images of the tympanic membrane.  The application provides both normal and abnormal tympanic anatomy images captured by Dr. Richard Buckingham.   Four levels are offered 1) Basic Anatomy 2) Advanced Anatomy and Normal Variation 3) Pathologic 4) Designed for Knowledge Base ENT Resident Level.  Find out more here. 

SonoAccess Ultrasound Education – (3 stars iOS App Store) is a no-cost education tool but may require one to own a SonoSite machine.  The App boasts it's “zero to scan” by providing extensive clinical content from 13 clinical specialties, product guides, how-to videos, clinical images and reference guides for point-of-care ultrasound.  So no matter if you are a novice or expert the software can provide information on the go.  From my experience in the past when dealing with SonoSim reps, they do whole-heartedly care about their customer base and positive patient outcomes. Find out more here.


Take a look at these applications and let us know what you think on the SimGHOSTS forum page.  If you know of other Apps you would like to share please let us know.  And if you are a developer and need assistance testing feel free to email us.


SimGHOSTS does not endorse, promote or have a relationship with any of the companies or products described in this article.