Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Operations, Technology and Innovative Practice


Edited by Scott B Crawford, Lance W Baily & Stormy M Monks

Comprising 395 pages and many color photographs, illustrations and tables, this is a truly comprehensive guide to high performing healthcare simulation programs.  

The book begins with a journey through the history of healthcare simulation, then provides an overview of the types of healthcare simulation programs and facilities that are found around the world today. It progresses to the different roles needed to fulfill the needs of a simulation program, and also details recruitment and professional development for such roles. Part I concludes with chapters on the design and infrastructure of healthcare simulation facilities.

Part II details the knowledge, skills and expertise required for healthcare simulation technology specialist (HSTS) roles, categorized into the eight specialty areas, or domains, identified by SimGHOSTS. These include Audio Video Technology, Education, Healthcare, Information Technology, Management, Research, Simulation and Standardized Patients. For those currently working, or aspiring to work in healthcare simulation programs, this will quickly become one of your most valuable resources.

Concluding with Part III, innovation in healthcare simulation is explored. This section features chapters on Technology and Innovation, as well as a guide to DIY practices for healthcare simulation technology. The final chapter reminds us all of the importance of our work by exploring the role and goal of the healthcare simulation industry in education and patient safety. 

Written and edited by leaders in the field of healthcare simulation technology and operations, this book combines the expertise of 27 highly respected professionals and is a must-have guide to the successful implementation of healthcare simulation programs. 

Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Operations, Technology and Innovative Practice is now available in digital and softcover editions here