2019 Simulation Champion of Champions - Denish Kumar


SimGHOSTS extends a huge congratulations to the winner of the 2019 SImGHOSTS Simulation Champion Award, Denish Kumar. Denish has won a trophy and registration to the SimGHOSTS event of his choice in the next 12 months. Based in New Zealand, Denish has attended the SimGHOSTS Australia events, making a strong impression on the SimGHOSTS Board and other attendees. Just as he does in the workplace, at events Denish freely shares his expertise with others, is friendly and enthusiastic, and is always seeking to learn more so that he can apply it to his work.

When told about his win, Denish had the following comments:

"I am pleased, honoured and humbled to be awarded SimGHOSTS 2019 Simulation Champion of Champions Award.

A very special thanks to the SimGHOSTS Board for selecting me as the Champion for August 2018 and to all voters who have voted for this Award. Enormous salutes to all of this year’s nominees each of whom have made incredible contributions to the Healthcare Simulation Technology community.

 Next, I would like to thank my brilliant and truly outstanding Operations Manager, Trish Wood and to the amazing team at Douglas Starship Simulation Programme.  It is always a pleasure delivering highly successful multi-disciplinary in-situ team training with such lovely and engaging people throughout New Zealand.

For those of you who have supported, guided and believed in me since I started in my role as a Simulation Technician, thank you for all of your on-going support.  This has encouraged me to work at a level to be eligible for this award."

Denish was nominated twice for this award and is described by one colleague as “a dedicated, committed and reliable member of our team with a vast knowledge and extensive experience in simulation technology”. Another colleague says that Denish’s most significant quality is his generosity and enthusiasm to assist with simulation training.

It was while working as a lead data analyst in a clinical pathways project that Denish was first introduced to high fidelity manikins. He was immediately drawn to simulation technology and has used his considerable IT skills and knowledge to create innovative solutions for the Starship Simulation Program.  He has worked closely with a pediatric intensivist in the development of the SimPlanner software which uses data capture from the simulation education program to monitor simulator use, and to record faculty roles and participants in simulation events. Denish’s skills extend to AV where he has introduced live video capture in resuscitation bays for capture of in-situ simulations, and he produces videos for demonstrations, tutorials and promotion of the simulation program.


Denish, in addition to the usual activities of a healthcare simulation technology specialist, has also found innovative and practical ways to improve learner training for CPR. Denish was able to modify the connection and learner feedback system for the Zoll R series defibrillator to improve training of CPR quality. Laerdal provides this type of training using QCPR, and Zoll has a built in a CPR quality system into their monitors called Real CPR Help. With the use of a 3D printer, Denish is working to integrate the training offered by the Laerdal manikin combined with the Zoll defibrillator.

By integrating simulation equipment with real medical devices, the logistics and practical application, including team member placement and equipment positioning, can be evaluated during training and not just technical skills. The existing Zoll monitor can now be connected to the Laerdal defibrillator leads, allowing the realistic rhythm from the Laerdal manikin to be read by the Zoll monitor. An additional enhancement Denish provided was an upgraded sternal recoil insert that allows increased depth of compressions, thereby improving the detection of the included real-time CPR feedback system. The innovative spirit represented by Denish will allow interdisciplinary teams to train together with actual medical equipment to improve the quality of resuscitation care provided.


Denish trains clinician faculty and others in manikin use and also supports the adult simulation program at Auckland Hospital, often in his own time and/or at short notice. His generosity extends to the wider simulation community where Denish is an executive member of NZASH (New Zealand Association for Simulation in Healthcare) and manages the NZASH website.