SimGHOSTS Supports Global Network on Healthcare Simulation (GNSH) Patient Safety Initiative



Representing SimGHOSTS, Board member Lori Lioce attended the recent Global Network on Simulation in Healthcare (GNSH) meeting in Vienna, Austria. GNSH has been visionary in bringing industry, hospital and academia together to support a patient safety initiative which presents patient stories in the form of 30 minute weekly team engagement for hospitals. GNSH is trying to provide a quick and consistent method, using vignettes to unfold and examine medical errors to help teach and inspire change. The stories have been structured to understand the clinical picture, effect on the patient and family and to facilitate inter-professional conversations which identify teamwork and system issues. These stories are grouped in four categories: medication errors, staffing, sepsis and healthcare associated infections. 

The 30 minute team engagements are designed to be very fast to implement and execute weekly with hospital units and teams. Check out one of our pilot cases: Kate Hallisy  or read more here for a broader overview of the 30 minute weekly initiative. All of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation actionable patient safety solutions can be found here.  

GNSH has been piloting these in several hospitals, even in Haiti and the response has been very positive.  If you could take a few minutes to review, they would love your feedback!