Advanced Video Editing Techniques

Looking to produce your own simulation lab orientation or promotional video? With this course, those champions with minimal editing experience will gain valuable insights to increase production efficiency and maximize audience engagement. 

In the pacing of video editing, 7 seconds is an average shot length. At 30 Frames Per Second, that means 210 frames pass in front of the viewer’s eyes during during just one shot. If even one of those frames is off, there can be massive unintended consequences for the message to your audience. With this course you will see how small, almost invisible changes, can lead to big impacts for the quality and message of your video pieces. 

During this lesson, Lance will showcase in actual editing software how to:

  • Explicate the continuity of editing theory and how to skillfully break it
  • Highlight time-saving shortcuts for reviewing, selecting and editing.
  • Point out key audio issues and last-minute fixes
  • Demonstrate his editing process for a video segment and show complicated sequence manipulation.
  • Cover timing, flow, storyboarding, graphics, sounds, fades, cuts, transitions, brightness hacks, mattes, intros, outros, publishing, titling, and more.

Instructor: Lance Baily, SimGHOSTS Founder, Development Director, & Chair of the Board
Bio: For almost twenty years Lance has spent countless hours with linear tape decks and non-linear editing computers piecing together thousands of videos ranging from 11-second lightsaber duels to 90-minute drag racing dvds. Specializing in documentary production since university, Lance has powerfully connected his film-making background to medical simulation through lab orientations, promotional materials, interviews, product/service demonstrations, tutorials and more. 
Course Length: 2-hours
Course Fee: $50.00
Format: Self-Guided/Online

Software Learning Note: This course is NOT designed to be a course teaching specific editing software. The instructor utilizes Apple Final Cut Express to demonstrate theoretical principles and time-saving concepts of editing which can be utilized with any video editing software. No video editing software is required to complete or benefit from this course.

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the fundamentals of editing “pace” and how to tell a story through timing and A-roll vs. B-roll tracks.
  • Build an effective video message by reducing audience distractions and utilizing outlines, timelines, b-roll cover ups, and transitions.
  • Understand a professional video editing project from start to finish to gain valuable time saving principles.



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