B-Line Medical continued its global support of Sim Tech innovation by sponsoring our 2014 USA "How-To" Video Contest 

In 2014, B-Line Medical expanded the video competition topic to include not just DIY projects, but also any operational success stories shared through video "how-to". Ten individuals picked up a camera and shared with us their innovations, or anything else they could teach a sim lab "how-to" on! The goal was to clearly, concisely and creatively demonstrate to other Sim Techs "how-to" do something that will also increase efficiency or realism in others' labs.

$1000 in prizes were awarded by B-Line Medical in two categories: Community Choice Award and Board-Selected Grand Prize. Videos were not judged on production quality as much as ability to demonstrate and teach others how to replicate your how-to success story!

$1000 in Contest Prizes Were Awarded!


Arielle Glenn
Lyman A. Brewer III MD Simulation Center
"How to Maintain your SimMan3G"

"Maintaining simulation products is so essential to the longevity of their functions and the integrity of their lifespan. My video is a "How-To" on maintaining your SimMan3G simulator between visits from the manufacturer and post-warranty expiration. Often times in the field, as a technician, I would see many permanent losses in function for SimMan3G (and other simulators) simply because the end user didn't know how to care for the simulator. I want to empower the community with the knowledge they need to keep their equipment alive and well! By simply knowing the key areas to look for issues, this could be the difference between habitual shipments to the repair depot and a clean bill of health. Many simulators change hands of care over their lifespan in a Simulation Center, whether it be by change of staff or change of location - so by continuing to educate the community, we decrease the risk of failure and speed up the repair help for other centers who may be in need of depot assistance. By keeping our simulators out of the repair depot as much as possible we decrease the volume of repairs for the manufacturer and speed up the turn around time for other centers. To piggy-back onto that concept, as Simulation Directors/Technicians/Coordinators etc. we never want to have gaps in time where our center has to close or delay Simulation time so by staying on top of maintenance, we increase production in our own centers. I hope, even if my video doesn't win, the video will reach those in the community who can benefit from the information!"

Arielle won an iPad Air 16GB Wi-Fi + Cellular!

People's Choice was Selected by the Audience at the Event and Awarded To:

Genevieve Cote & Sylvie Guimont
Centre Apprentiss

"At Centre Apprentiss we do a lot of simulation with doctors from differents specialities.We work with Noelle for Obstetricians and Gynecologist. They asked us if it was possible to recreate an amniotic sac and meconium liquid to practice amniotomy during a scenario. They also wanted to birth the baby after. Here we show you how we proceeded."

They walked away with a Go PRO Hero3 Silver Edition!

Check out all the submissions from the competition and learn "how-to" increase lab realism or efficiency in your skills lab

John Varley
(Barbera Doyer, Steve Swayne)
CSUF School of Nursing
"A New Glucometer"

"This video adds more realism to simulations by eliminating the need for post-it notes or pieces of paper being handed to the students through a curtain or stuck in a drawer for reading on glucometers or digital thermometers. The process as described in the video is to simply create an image of the device, add the value needed for the simulation and saving the new image to be added to the SimMan software folder and then displaying the image on the patients monitor at the appropriate time. I have been using this for a couple of years now and the students and instructors seem to like it over the unrealistic notes used prior to this implementation.I hope this addition to your simulations will add to your program and to the learning of your students."

Don Sarchet
(Tracey Cooper, Matthew Pierce)
Center for Clinical Excellence - SIMSPC
"Adding Captions To YouTube Training Videos"

"My video is a training video on how to add captions to Training Videos posted on YouTube. This video was necessary because the Americans for Disabilities Act requires that training videos have closed captions in order to accommodate hearing impaired students. Some institutions have been fined for not by the U.S. Department of Education for not accommodating hearing impaired students.  This video was created from an original clip on which I had to add captions to. I added in the title page, segments for the beginning and end which I recorded with the webcam on my HP EliteBook 8770w computer, and a credits page at the end. I edited the clip using Camtasia Studio (R) to create and sync the tracks from the different portions together."

Stuart Riby
Hull Institute of Learning Simulation
"In-Situ Simulation - the HILS way."

"This video is half promotional and half informative and is constantly evolving. I started with just the 'action and music' sequences and we have since added some instructional clips in and will continue to add to this. The video is from a technical perspective and it is there to inform how we do in-situ simulation here in HILS but also so people can glimpse behind the scenes and see the effort that goes into the technical preparation for every in situ we do."

Mark Skipper
UAB Office of Interprofessional Simulation
"Introduction to Anesthesia Simulation at UAB "

"We made this video to help pre-brief new anesthesia residents coming to the sim lab for their first simulation experience. It was intended to give them an idea of what the instructors are looking for during a simulation-that is clear communication and following the principles of Crisis Resource Management. It was also meant to familiarize them with our Meti/CAE HPS manikin which is quite unlike all the other manikins in our lab."

Doreen Talbot
Stanbridge College Sims Program
"GT Feeding Made Easier"

"Working with many students in an hour I needed to come up with a way to give larger amounts of feeding or medications. The present small pouch was inadequate, so I substituted a Foley catheter and 2000ml collection bag so we could have all the students have a turn to feed my manikin and the clean up was easy."

Chunyan Zhang (also Meagan LaRiviere)
Clinical Simulation Centre MacEwan
"CSC Orientation Video"

&qquot;This is an orientation video for our Clinical Simulation Centre at MacEwan University. This video helps our first year nursing students to get familiar with the simulation centre and offers the students opportunities to rehearse skills before trying them on real patients, and therefore increase patient safety."

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