CAE Healthcare continued their commitment to Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists by sponsoring the SimGHOSTS 2012 "Meet Your SimGHOSTS" at the Insert Coins Video Game Bar in Downtown Las Vegas! Participants of SimGHOSTS 2012 attended this exclusive event to get to know one another over their favorite video games and drinks, all provided for by CAE Healthcare!

Insert Coins Las Vegas

About Insert Coins Video-Lounge Game-bar:

Imagine playing Mortal Kombat or FIFA Soccer right at the bar! This private event featured 8 gaming couches for group gaming, bar console gaming and almost 50 old-school arcade games! With mx console gaming with Nintendo, Sega, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii systems and oldschool arcade action with favorites like Galaga, Pac-Man, Frogger, NFL Blitz 2000, Metal Slug, and many more! Needless to say, the Insert Coins party was an absolute BLAST!



About CAE Healthcare & METI:

CAE Healthcare offers cutting-edge learning tools and innovative simulation solutions to healthcare professionals, allowing them to develop practical experience on multiple simulation platforms before testing their skills on patients. We offer a range of surgical and imaging simulators, as well as human patient simulators. The entire family of human patient METI simulators, including baby, pediatric and adults, are designed to mimic human medical scenarios including trauma, heart attack, drug overdose and effects of bioterrorism. Today, more than 6,000 METI simulators are in use worldwide. "Our objective is to offer realistic and comprehensive tools that will help practitioners sharpen their skills and prepare for better patient outcomes." (CAE Healthcare acquired METI in 2012).

Medical Education Technologies, Inc. was a company committed to developing learning tools that impact the education of our future doctors, nurses, first responders and military medics. "Our goal is to improve patient safety and ultimately save more lives. We are an education company first, and our commitment to providing technologically advanced learning tools—including our complete line of human patient simulators, exam trainers and the integration platforms educators need to fully alter the learning process—meet the highest standards, which sets us apart and distinguishes us an industry leader."