SimGHOSTS Online Courses

No matter what your professional background or level of expertise is, or even if you are just interested in a career in healthcare simulation technology, SimGHOSTS has your professional development needs covered with convenient online courses. Developed by content experts and featuring select courses developed specifically  for simulation technology professionals, there are courses suitable for entry level to senior roles. As a bonus, all subscribers have access to FREE employability skills courses that are designed to help you to succeed in your career from job-hunting through to interview, onboarding, and ultimately promotion.

Following the development of the SimGHOSTS Domains, a training needs analysis was performed by collecting and reviewing hundreds of position descriptions related to healthcare simulation technology roles.  This allowed SimGHOSTS to identify core skills required in each of the domains for entry level, intermediate and senior roles. Once the core skills had been identified SimGHOSTS were able to plan an online training curriculum. Subscribers can customize their own professional development plan by identifying the domains that are most applicable to their expertise and role and selecting the courses best suited to their needs.

Subscribers can access the online learning portal here.


Course Catalog

Professional Development

Getting the job you want  FREE COURSE FOR SUBSCRIBERS

Learn about finding the job you want, preparing your application, successful interview techniques and establishing yourself in a new role.

Core Employability Skills  FREE COURSE FOR SUBSCRIBERS

This series of courses covers key transferable skills that are essential to many roles. They include communication, professionalism, customer service and more.


Audio/Visual Technology

New course coming soon! 



Training Skills for Non-Educators  $50

Develop skills in designing and implementing adult training programs including on-the-job training. This course  is suitable for those who are required to train others in the use of simulation equipment and technology and are not experienced in adult education. Completion time is approximately 5 hours.  This course comprises two modules: 

Training other people to train - Topics include an introduction to training, training concepts, training adults, interactivity in training, training objectives and methods, being a credible trainer, the training process, training logistics and mistakes. 

Effective on-the-job training - This module provides guidelines for planning and conducting on-the-job training. It describes a four-step model for executing a training plan. It also provides tools and examples to assist organizations and trainers with on-the-job training. 



Clinical Concepts for Healthcare Simulation Technology Professionals $50

Learn the essentials of medical terminology, basic anatomy, physiology and disease states, medical history taking and physical examination. If you are new to working in a healthcare setting, this is the course you need to get up to speed fast! This course takes approximately 10 hours to complete if all optional resources are accessed. 

Course Learning Objectives are:

  • Understand the common prefixes, suffixes and vocabulary used in clinical settings
  • Describe the basic anatomy, physiology and functions of the human body
  • Describe key features of common medical conditions
  • Describe the common features of a medical history and examination


Information Technology

Information Technology Essentials $50 

As a healthcare simulation technology specialist, you will be expected to be able to perform a range of information-technology related tasks. The tasks that you may be required to perform in a simulation center commonly include managing, installing, configuring, securing, maintaining and troubleshooting a range of IT equipment. This will include standard office equipment such as computers and printers, and more specialized equipment such as simulators, audiovisual devices, medical equipment and 3D printers.

This course has been designed to provide you with the key skills to perform at an entry level role in a typical simulation center.

The learning objectives for this course are:

  • Identify IT equipment and components.
  • Install and configure common software applications.
  • Configure a network between two devices.
  • Apply a strategic approach to troubleshooting an IT problem.



Introduction to Scenario Programming with Laerdal LLEAP $50

Laerdal Learning Application (LLEAP) is a unified software solution for Laerdal PC operated manikins. LLEAP allows users to manage many details such as updates, networking, profile editor and scenario programming. This course will focus primarily on SimDesigner which is used to program SimPad Plus and LLEAP operated manikins. The course begins with a brief introduction and overview to the layout of the SimDesigner software. Module two features a video demonstration of building a simple scenario in SimDesigner. It then continues with an introduction to Themes and a video demonstrating the use of Themes. Total course completion time is 4 hours. 

Learning objectives for this course are:

  • Identify the different components of SimDesigner software. 
  • Perform basic programming of scenarios and themes in SimDesigner software.
  • Select an appropriate programming style for a simulation activity. 



Foundations of Management $100

This comprehensive course is ideal for those applying for or newly appointed to management roles. It includes supervision, negotiation, problem solving, conflict management, managing teams and more. Total course completion time is approximately 14 hours. 

This course comprises 6 modules:

Becoming a Highly Talented Manager - Understand why great managers are effective and customize your own management practices to better contribute to the strategic goals of the organization.  

Be an Effective Manager - This module provides an introduction to the skills needed by supervisors and managers to motivate team members, solve problems, resolve conflict, manage time and deal with stress. Some topics covered in this module are addressed in greater detail in subsequent modules. 

Making Negotiations Work for You - Learn strategies and tactics to make negotiation work for you. Includes when to negotiate, how to prepare for negotiation and the profile of a negotiator.

A Problem-free Approach to Problem Solving - Learn a rang of tools and techniques to aid in workplace problem solving. Supporting resources include a printable worksheet. 

A Positive Management Approach to Workplace Conflict - Take a positive approach to conflict by learning how to analyze conflict situations, prepare for conflict, resolve conflict, deal with difficult people and avoid the pitfalls of conflict. 

Effective Business Teams - Explore the functions of a team, the fundamentals of team building and key team communication skills. Learn how to present ideas, communicate and manage change, and reduce stress.


Operations Essentials $50

Learn general operations and project management skills to improve efficiency of operations in your workplace. This course is suitable for all levels. Total course completion time is approximately 9 hours. 

This course comprises five modules:

Effective Business Meetings - Learn how to organize, prepare for and conduct effective meetings in your workplace. 

Effective Project Management -Learn how to effectively and successfully manage projects by implementing project management strategies. 

Facilitating Improvement - Learn to lead an audience to new ideas or understandings. This module includes processes, tools and strategies to facilitate change and improvement within your organization. It examines the entire facilitation process from planning to implementation and includes techniques, training aids and resources. 

Ten Tools for Quality - Learn how to use checklists, criteria-rating, diagrams and charts to implement and manage quality improvement initiatives in the workplace. 

Continuous Improvement in the Workplace - Learn what continuous improvement is and implementation methods for your workplace. 


Coaching and Feedback for Performance  $50

This course will teach you the skills you need to use coaching, feedback and empowerment to help others to set and achieve performance goals. It is an intermediate level course suitable for those who supervise, manage or mentor others. The total course completion time is approximately 4 hours.

The course comprises three modules:

The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback - The ability to provide constructive feedback leads to improved morale, improved productivity and reduce employee turnover. Learn how to provide helpful and constructive feedback and advanced feedback strategies. 

Coaching for Performance Excellence - Learn coaching techniques to to clarify expectations, build skills, enhance confidence, encourage flexibility, resolve conflict and develop motivation. 

Empowerment in the Workplace - Learn the background and concepts necessary to develop empowerment initiatives in the workplace. This module outlines the benefits of empowerment and provides tools and techniques to help promote empowerment at all levels of the organization. 


Introduction to Financial Management  $50

If you are new to management or have budget responsibilities this course will give you the skills you need to read and interpret financial information and work with financial information in spreadsheets. The total course completion time is approximately 3 hours. 

The course comprises two modules

Introduction to Finance - Learn the principles of financial management, how to read and interpret financial information and how to apply meaningful financial information in your work.

Fundamentals of Business Math - slide examples and real world exercises are used to demonstrate how business math and statistics principles are applied to spreadsheets. Course completion time does not include time spent practicing exercises. 


Human Resources Management  $100

From recruiting and onboarding to performance management and terminations, learn how to manage the human resources requirements of a workplace. Total course completion time is approximately 11 hours. 

This course comprises seven modules:

Ready to Recruit - Recognize the importance of recruitment sources and strategies. Supporting resources include printable worksheets.

You be the Judge in Interviewing - Ensure a successful interview process by learning how to approach the interview, stay within the law with interview questions and note-taking strategies. 

Hiring the Right Talent for Your Business - Hiring the right talent for your organization is critical to your long term success. Knowing the attributes for success for each position and then aligning the candidates with those clearly defined attributes will help determine fit, performance and job satisfaction. This module covers the impact of talent selection, how to understand your functional and technical needs, and how to hire for retention.

Performance Management - Learn how to deal with issues such as absenteeism, lateness, unacceptable mistakes, underperformance and resistance to change. Strategies for assertive communication, communicating performance expectations and addressing skills gaps are provided. 

Discipline Documentation - Learn how keep an incidents diary, and develop strategies for establishing facts, and finding objectives and solutions to discipline problems. 

Handling Terminations with Care and Control - Learn how to prepare for the termination discussion, conduct the termination meeting, handle difficult situations that may arise during the meeting and follow up after the meeting.

Discrimination and Legal Issues - This module provides an overview of age, disability, race, religion and gender discrimination. Termination issues related to theft, performance and downsizing are also covered. 


Research & Evaluation

Presentation Skills $50

Learn to plan, design and deliver engaging and effective presentations. This course is suitable for all levels and is relevant for those who present at anything from internal meetings to international conferences. The total course completion time is approximately 5 hours. 

This course comprises three modules:
Four Steps to Presentations that Motivate - In this course you will learn how to plan and compose a presentation, design visual aids, how to engage and retain the audience,  and adapt the presentation for different audiences. 

Giving an Effective Presentation - Learn effective communication skills and audience-involvement techniques that can be used during presentations. Communication skills and involvement during a presentation are just as important as the words a presenter delivers. Poor communication skills and a lack of audience involvement distracts from the meaning of a presentation. Instead, communicate effectively and increase audience involvement to enhance the presentation's meaning.

Four Steps to Communication Success - This module helps develop strong communication skills and builds on the previous modules. Communication skills and involvement during a presentation are just as important as the message a presenter delivers. This module also teaches a simple process for creating and presenting messages that contain the key elements of success.



New course coming soon!


Laerdal Learning Application (LLEAP) is a unified software solution for Laerdal PC operated manikins. LLEAP allows users to manage many details such as updates, networking, profile editor and scenario programming. This course will focus primarily on SimDesigner which is used to program SimPad Plus and LLEAP operated manikins.
The course begins with a brief introduction and overview to the layout of the SimDesigner software. 
Module two features a video demonstration of building a simple scenario in SimDesigner. 
It then continues with an introduction to Themes and a video demonstrating the use of Themes.