Healthcare Simulation Resources

  • - A resource for healthcare simulation industry news, including tips, tutorials and product demos.
  • Healthcare Careers for Simulation from
  • HealthySimAdmin - Innovative content specifically designed for those managing healthcare simulation programs.
  • TheSimTech - Resources and blog from a simulation technician!
  • Games & Simulation for Healthcare - WISC portal and network to meet the needs of clinicians, researchers and educators in the healthcare community who want to integrate games and simulation into their scholarship and patient care strategy.
  • Clinical Playground Blog - A nexus of academic and industry collaboration focusing on the use of simulation and game-based learning for health sciences, public safety, and science education.
  • Simulate the Possible - Scoop it Blog from simulation specialist Nicole Jones de Rooy!
  • UNE Sim Log - Great Sim Tech blog from the University of New England's Simulation Labs.
  • CAE Healthcare Forums - CAE Healthcare customer forums.
  • Laerdal User Forums - Laerdal Medical customer forums.
  • MedSim Magazine - An industry trade mag for healthcare simulation!
  • Simulcast - A high-fidelity podcast about healthcare simulation!
  • EM Sim Cases - Peer-reviewed simulation scenarios developed by and for Emergency Medicine.
  • MobileSim - A blog with ICU simulation scenarios, faculty development, and instructional design & debriefing resources.
  • INTENSIVE - An excellent bank of ICU in-situ simulation scenarios with all the trimmings.
  • The Simulated Man - A technical and technique oriented blog and resource for those interested in what it actually takes to run healthcare simulations.
  • The SimTech - An online hub for simulation resources; scenarios, moulage recipes and guides, AV advice and simulation job descriptions.


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