Healthcare Simulation Resources

Policy and Procedure manuals, templates and samples

Operating Policy and Procedure Administrative Handbook 2017 Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center


Blogs, Podcasts, News and Wikis - A resource for industry news, including tips, tutorials and product demos.

Simulcast - A high-fidelity podcast about healthcare simulation

The SimTech - An online hub for simulation resources; scenarios, moulage recipes and guides, AV advice and simulation job descriptions.

The Simulated Man - A technical and technique oriented blog and resource for those interested in what it actually takes to run healthcare simulations.

Clinical Playground Blog - A nexus of academic and industry collaboration focusing on the use of simulation and game-based learning for health sciences, public safety, and science education.

MobileSim - A blog with ICU simulation scenarios, faculty development, and instructional design & debriefing resources.

Courses, Training and Professional Development


Masters of Medical and Healthcare Simulation – National University of Ireland

Master of Science in Medical and Healthcare Simulation – University of Hertfordshire

Master of Science in Simulation Based Education – University of Dundee

Master of Science in Simulation and Patient Safety – Plymouth University


Master of Education in Teaching and Curriculum with Specialization in Medical Simulation – Pennsylvania State University

Certificate in Healthcare Simulation Operations Management  University of San Francisco

Master of Science in Medical and Healthcare Simulation – Drexel University

Master of Science in Medical and Healthcare Simulation – New York Institute of Technology

Healthcare Simulation Technology Associate of Applied Science - Sinclair Community College

Healthcare Simulation Technology Associate of Applied Science - WSU Tech

Simulation Graduate Certificate for Health Professionals Boise - State University


NHET-Sim - Australian national simulation training program free for residents of Australia or AUD$120 for international participants.


Industry Forums & Resources

CAE Healthcare Forums - CAE Healthcare customer forums.

Laerdal User Forums - Laerdal Medical customer forums.

MedSim Magazine - An industry trade mag for healthcare simulation


Audio files, 3D printing files, other files

3D Print Cricothyroidotomy Trainer CICO Rescue Cricothyroidotomy Trainer - Vortex Approach

3D Print Dental Demonstration Model

3D Print Thoracic Epidural Trainer

3D Print Human Brain Mold  also includes FX Gelatine recipe and instructions

Moulage, DIY projects and Hacks

DIY Modelling Wax recipe


EM Sim Cases - Peer-reviewed simulation scenarios developed by and for Emergency Medicine

Intensive - An excellent bank of ICU in-situ simulation scenarios with all the trimmings.

Knowledge Bank - Scenario Resources provided by the Victorian Department of Health in Australia

Oxford Deanery - 137 Medical simulation scenarios organized by specialty. 


Operations and Management Resources

Simulation Evaluation Tools

HealthySimAdmin -15 hours of video content and eight presentations specific to the administration of medical simulation spaces. 


Simulation Organizations

Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare (ASPiH) - Our first affiliated organization who are primarily located to support healthcare simulation in the UK.

International Pediatric Society for Simulation (IPSS) - Holds annual IPSSW events in North America or EU dedicated to pediatric simulation.

Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) - Holds the annual International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH), and oversees the CHSOS, CHSE and CHSE-A certification.

International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) - Holds annual conference primarily for those operating Nursing simulation programs.

SimOne - SIM-one and the Canadian Network for Simulation in Healthcare (CNSH) have joined forces to build a strong and united interprofessional, cross-sector network for the advancement of simulation in healthcare.

Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine (SESAM) - Holds annual conferences in Europe and in other regions through collaborative events. 

Pan Asia Society for Simulation in Healthcare (PASSH) - Holds conferences and training across Asia. 

California Simulation Alliance (CSA) - Led by the California Institute for Nursing & Health Care (CINHC), this virtual alliance to benefit all simulation users in the state of California.

Florida Healthcare Simulation Alliance (FHSA) - Organization supporting those utilizing sim in Florida with regional & annual events.

Tennessee Simulation Alliance (TSA) - Holds annual event and online resources for those operating sim in Tennessee and surrounding states.

Victorian Simulation Alliance (VSA)  - Supports the development and implementation of simulation within professional education across the state of Victoria, Australia. The Alliance provides members with an active and supported community of practice.

Simulated Patient Network (SPN) - The SPN aims to provide individuals interested in simulated patient (SP) practice with a network to share with and from each other.The SPN aims to connect SPs, educators, students, clinicians and others through this website. Membership is free.

Community Contributions

Free medical simulation scenarios

Operator Manuals for Simulation & Medical Equipment

HIPAA violations video for teaching Nursing students

A song for simulation - "If it weren't for you I'd be sued"


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