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SimGHOSTS 2018 USA Keynote Address More than Just a Sim Tech - An Open Opportunity was presented by David Escobar EMT-I, CHSOS Director of Simulation at Level 3 Healthcare. 

SimGHOSTS 2018 USA Laerdal Medical Sponsored Plenary Address - Chad Jackson MS, RRT, FCCP, Vice President of Innovation and Development, American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST) presented plenary session "Using xAPI to Collect Learning Data from Simulations". 

SimGHOSTS 2018 USA CAE Healthcare Sponsored Plenary Address  CHIPS Executive Director Chad Epps MD (Past-President SSH), presented "Lessons Learned in Designing and Building a Simulation Center" where he discussed how the UTHSC Center for Healthcare Innovation and Patient Simulation became a state of the art healthcare simulation facility. 

SimGHOSTS 2018 EMS SimulationIQ Sponsored Plenary Address - EMS brings SimGHOSTS a special guest speaker, world famous "Nerdy Nurse" Brittney Wilson BSN, RN who reminded us "You Are What You Tweet!"

SimGHOSTS 2018 Australia Keynote Address - "The Past, Present and Future of Patient Safety" presented by Professor Bill Runciman. In this presentation Prof Runciman proposes how patient safety efforts may be integrated and the role simulation could play. 

SimGHOSTS 2018 Australia ASSH Plenary Address - "Leading The Way: How Technology is Changing Health Professional Education" presented by Assoc. Prof. Patrea Andersen. This presentation showcases examples of how cutting-edge technology is being used in health professional education. It explores some of the challenges and barriers to success, lessons learnt and provides insight into future developments in this space. 

SimGHOSTS 2018 Australia EMS Sponsored Plenary Address  - "Measuring Competency Based Medical Education: Using Artificial Intelligence to Analyze Curriculum" presented by Linda  Penrod. This presentation provides real world examples of the power of machine learning to harvest assessment data across multiple subsystems. This data can create a machine learning driven proactive monitoring system for learner performance, creating learner remediation plans and reviewing individual learner fingerprints of competency mastery across all educational phases. 

S3 Singapore 2017 Expert Panel - "Human Factors in Safety and Risk Management" presented by Dr Peter Dieckmann, Prof Celia Tan, Dr Yin Shanqing and Prof Ian Curran | Moderator: Assoc Prof Fatimah Lateef 

S3 Singapore 2017 Keynote Plenary -  "Digital Distribution in Healthcare Training" by Mr. Bruce Liang

S3 Singapore 2017 Plenary Address - "SESAM Accreditation of Simulation-Based Educational Institutions" presented by Dr Stefan Gisin

S3 Singapore 2017 Keynote Plenary - "Handling Variation is a Good Thing - The Learning For Success Approach to Simulation" presented by Dr Peter Dieckmann

S3 Singapore 2017 Plenary Address - "High Performance Teams, Transformational Learning Environment" Presented by Assoc Prof Fatimah Lateef

SimGHOSTS 2017 USA simAlliance Sponsored Keynote Address - "Great Medicine, Near Misses and the Culture of Change" presented by Brian Gillett MD

SimGHOSTS 2017 USA CAE Healthcare Sponsored Plenary Address - "Simulation Technology and Operations: We are State of the Art" Presented by Scott Crawford, MD

SimGHOSTS 2017 USA Laerdal Medical Plenary Address - "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Technological Hurdles We All Face" By Dr Amar Patel. 

SimGHOSTS 2016 USA: CAE Healthcare Sponsored Plenary Address "Get Real: Telling Your Authentic Stories Across All Relevant Channels for Long-Term Success" - Presented by Christoph Trappe.

SimGHOSTS 2016 USA: Laerdal Medical Plenary Address - "Everyday People: Closing Gaps in Simulation" - Presented by Grace Gephart.

SimGHOSTS 2016 AUS: Plenary Address - This Laerdal Medical Sponsored Plenary Address explored Laerdal’s vision for simulation services and solutions into the future, focusing on new technology and enhanced product integration. 

SimGHOSTS 2015 USA: Plenary Session - Laerdal Medical sponsored this plenary session at SimGHOSTS  2015 USA where SimGHOSTS Executive Director James Cypert  joined Suzie Kardong-Edgren Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief for the journal Clinical Simulation in Nursing in presenting their work on new INACSL standards that will be available in the near future.

SimGHOSTS/ASPiH 2015 UK: Plenary Address - Russell Metcalfe-Smith of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center gave the Plenary Address "Technology and Innovation - Making an impact on Patient Safety" at SG/ASPiH 2015.  He discussed key areas associated with staff planning and the need for technical expertise, the Cedars-Sinai Simulation Center model and its successful implementation, Pre surgical team based simulation training, 3D printing and its impact on clinical care, as well as the innovation and benefits simulation brings when technical and medical get together.

SimGHOSTS/ASPiH 2015 UK: Laerdal Medical Keynote Address - Laerdal Medical sponsored Dr. Amar Patel's Keynote Address titled "Transforming the Technician to the Technology: Our Future is Now" at the first annual SimGHOSTS/ASPiH UK event in Leeds.  Dr. Patel discussed the impact a technologist can have on simulation ROI and research, he outlined steps to transform a technician to a technologist, and he finished with a discussion of the future of simulation innovation and the role of the technologist.

SimGHOSTS 2015 AUS: CAE Healthcare/Mediquip Plenary Address - At SimGHOSTS 2015 Australia, CAE HEalthcare and Mediquip sponsored the Plenary Address by Dr Kenneth Gilpin BSc Mb ChB FRCA FANZCA, Senior Lecturer University of New England, Australia - who spoke on "Negative Learning in Healthcare SImulation". During the talk he argued that negative learning - which means that learners build unintended habits during simulation exercises which they carry over to real life engagements - is a problem in our community. Dr Gilpin demonstrated how the aviation industry regularly examines simulation training for negative learning   

SimGHOSTS 2015 AUS: Laerdal Medical Keynote Address - At SimGHOSTS 2015 Australia held at the Clinical Skills Development Service in Brisbane, Laerdal Sponsored Keynote speaker Dr. Carolyn Yucha, Dean of the Nursing Allied Health Programs at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, shared why healthcare educational administrators need to understand that hiring and keeping simulation technology staff is their #1 priority.

SimGHOSTS 2014 USA: Level 3 Healthcare Keynote AddressThanks to Level 3 Healthcare, SimGHOSTS President James Cypert presented on the importance of bringing in basic research methods in support of the professional development of Simulation Techs. He  began the conversation with a community focus and topics for future research and invite a networking dialog to establish collaboration opportunities for designing, conducting, collecting, writing, and submitting well-formed research. The goal of this the 2014 USA keynote address was to provide some of the basic tools, resources, and methods for providing evidence-based practice for simulation technologists, ascertaining cogent research topics, and identifying collaborative opportunities, and establishing working relationships to achieve higher levels of dialog from and with the technician community.

SimGHOSTS 2014: Australia iSimulate Keynote Address - On June 26th 2014, Platinum Sponsor iSimulate provided the opening keynote address to SimGHOSTS' first overseas event, hosted at the University of The Sunshine Coast in the Queensland Region of Australia. The keynote was provided by Dr. Anthony Lewis, iSimulate Co-founder and Medical Director.

SimGHOSTS 2013 Laerdal Keynote Address - Laerdal continued to expand their support of SimGHOSTS by sponsoring the 2013 Keynote Address by simulation thought-leader Timothy Clapper, PhD. With a background in education and technology, Timothy presented TeamSTEPPS: Empowering Simulation Technology Specialists to provide SimGHOSTS with new communication tools to utilize with their programs. Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety (TeamSTEPPS) is a powerful, evidenced-based teamwork and communication tool that can make a difference for Sim Lab operations. Timothy provided an overview of TeamSTEPPS, followed by engaging, audience-participatory, team-based clinical demonstrations, which will generate the buy-in and confidence needed to begin the TeamSTEPPS curriculum integration process.

SimGHOSTS 2012 CAE Healthcare Keynote Address - "Teching to Fly - Perspectives from a CAE Aviation Simulation Technician". Dorsey Kemp from CAE Aviation's C-130 Training group provided the 2012 SimGHOSTS keynote address. Dorsey explained the needs, equipment and working relationships of aviation simulation to over 156 Medical Simulation Technicians, helping to blend these two industries together.  Download his presentation and watch his entire presentation!

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Watch all the SimGHOSTS DIY Video Contest entries, with prizes sponsored by our past gold sponsors! These projects where created by Sim Techs just like you to help increase efficiency or realism in their medical simulation labs! Learn from your fellow champions by watching all this great DIY projects content.


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How to Produce a Sim Lab Orientation Video - Founder Lance Baily provides this 2-part series on basic video production techniques necessary for developing your own sim lab video orientation. Medical Simulation Orientation Part 1 covers why to produce an orientation, where to find help and your basic needs. Medical Simulation Orientation Part 2 covers production techniques for camera, lighting, sound and necessary shot-breakdowns. Part 2 also comes with a nifty production guide!