In 2011, the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas held the world's first meeting specifically designed for Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists, aka Sim Techs.

Over 85 technicians from around the U.S. joined one another in Las Vegas to receive hands-on training in manikin programming and hardware maintenance, audio video production, moulage makeup, communication and leadership techniques as well as medical terminology.

The "GOT SIM" meeting was so successful that participants demanded the event become an annual conference to train and develop the emerging profession of healthcare simulation technology specialists!  This NEW meeting was deemed to be called the "Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists".



At the inaugural event, 85 simulation technicians gathered in Nevada at the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas to meet with peers and receive specialized training from leading industry experts.

We opened up the event with a reception from METI at the top of the Stratosphere. Tom Doyle, who was at the time Chief Learning Officer of METI, informed the attendees that METI is 100% behind supporting the technicians! Thanks METI! (METI is now CAE Healthcare).

Lance Baily, who was Director of the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas, gave the opening keynote speach about the state of the healthcare simulation industry in 2011 and the serious need for developing support for simulation technicians.  


Speakers and the topics they presented:

  • John Cordova RN provided an amazing breakdown of need to know medical knowledge and patho-physiology. 
  • Jonthan Sturak, MS provided a 2-hour session on the fundamentals of audio/video production.  Techs gathered into groups of 6 and produced small video orientations for a sim lab. 
  • Suzanne Sharp BSN, MS put together a great hour-long presentation on the first year development of the CSCLV sim labs.  
  • Captain Steven Wilkinson from gave an amazing talk about the history and lessons learned from simulation in the aviation industry. 
  • Jane Kleinman RN, MAOM & Kristy Chambers RN, MSN from Medical Simulation Design gave us great insights on empowering technicians. 
  • Bobbie Merica from ran a great workshop on “Moulage” makeup 101! 

At the end of the meeting, the group overwhelmingly decided to found a new Organization dedicated to supporting Healthcare Simulation Technicians!

Thanks again to the CSCLV Staff and Deans Yucha, Synder & Bar-on for letting us put on this great event.  

Special thanks also goes out to the following companies:

Gaumard – For providing technical training staff for programming and hardware sessions.

 Laerdal – For providing technical training staff for programming and hardware sessions.


 METI Learning - For providing technical training staff for programming and hardware sessions.

 iSysGlobal – For sponsoring tech breakfast on both days.

Pocket Nurse – For sponsoring lunch on both days.