SimGHOSTS / ASPiH 2015 UK Gold Level & A/V Event Recording Sponsor

SIMStation provided the event A/V recording equipment for SG/ASPiH 2015 enabling the thousands of simulation champions around the world to gain access to this learning material who could otherwise not participate in the event. Thanks to SIMStation everyone can benefit from the wealth of knowledge shared by sim techs and vendors in the UK and EU!


SimGHOSTS/ASPiH 2015 UK Plenary Address:

Russell Metcalfe-Smith, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Learn more about the SG/ASPiH 2015 Plenary Address here.
Thanks to SIMStation, members can also view all videos from the event here.

About SIMStation:


SIMStation is a European manufacturer of Audio-Video debriefing systems, suitable both for fixed simulation centres and mobile in-situ trainings. Our mission is to provide innovative, simple-to-handle systems with highest quality standards; thus giving our clients the possibility to take their simulation programme to a new level of effectiveness. 
SIMStation provides a very easy-to-use monitoring and recording software with highest video and audio quality and almost zero delay in live transmission, completed by innovative tablet-based apps for annotation and debriefing. Moreover, the integration of our hardware in simulation centers couldn’t be easier, as it only requires a single network cable connection between the training, control and debriefing rooms.
We have been implementing our systems in major simulation centres throughout Europe since 2012, including London, Paris, Munich, Zurich, Luxembourg, Vienna and Bucharest.



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