SimGHOSTS are supporting the career development of individuals working in simulation technology-related professions with a mentorship program. The program is designed to support both the mentor and mentee as they establish their relationship, set goals, develop a plan for achieving the goal(s) and then celebrate their successes.

Mentors will have established simulation careers and will receive support and training to develop their own skills in coaching, performance management and leadership. The SimGHOSTS mentorship program is an ideal opportunity for experienced simulation professionals to gain experience in and demonstrate their management skills as preparation for advancement to senior level positions.

Mentees will have been employed (or seeking employment) in a healthcare simulation technology role for less than two years. They will be matched with a mentor and placed in the driver’s seat as they design their mentorship experience to achieve their specific career goal(s).

This program is exclusively available to SimGHOSTS subscribers. Our next program starts January 13th 2020 and applications are due by December 19th, 2019. 


Mentee Application Form Mentor Application Form


If you would like to know more, you can watch the recording from our information session below.


Please contact program coordinator Billie Paschal for further information.