SimGHOSTS Online Courses

The overwhelming demand for specialized online training courses for those operating healthcare simulation technology has finally been met! In January SimGHOSTS launched its first online training courses which will is now available to the international community! Learn more below...

Over the past two years, the SimGHOSTS leadership has worked closely with the international simulation technology specialist community and other global organizations to assess the training needs of our emerging professional community. During numerous pre-con workshops at SimGHOSTS events around the world, the community itself has helped to develop the curriculum program required to do our jobs.

In high demand, the program is designed to support a range of backgrounds required to operate healthcare simulation technology effectively. During our assessment our team identified eight key domains which encompass the skillsets, experiences, and knowledge necessary to run a sim lab day-to-day. Regardless of your healthcare, IT, or other educational background, these eight domains represent everything that is necessary to be effective in simulation; whether you are as "Sim Tech", simulation specialist, supervisor, director, or manager:

  • Audio/Visual Technology
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Management
  • Research & Evaluation
  • Simulation
  • Moulage/Theatrics

View our full course library here & learn about the training domains we have identified here.