Provided through the Pocket Nurse Foundation, (2) $1500 scholarships were awarded to Sim Techs who demonstrated financial need to assist with attendance to SG14 USA.

SimGHOSTS Leadership & Founding Sponsor Pocket Nurse were thrilled to provide the “Pocket Nurse Scholarship” to help those with financial need to attend the 2014 USA event. The SimGHOSTS leadership thanks Anthony Battaglia, Deborah Coltrane and all the team from Pocket Nurse who continue to support Simulation Champions and SimGHOSTS!

Pocket Nurse® ( is the world’s leading supplier of healthcare education products and a proud supporter of those operating medical simulation. In 2014, Pocket Nurse® continued its “Founding Sponsorship” of the SimGHOSTS meeting by providing $3000 in nontransferable scholarships to individuals/institutions in need. These scholarships are designed to support participation in the development and advancement of those operating a medical simulation lab through the payment of conference registration, travel and accommodation costs.

Eligibility: The Pocket Nurse ® Scholarships were open to all healthcare simulation technology specialists (“Sim Techs”), or individuals responsible for operating and maintaining the equipment of a medical simulation lab. Priority will be given to first time attendees who are currently employed at a notforprofit simulation lab (part or full-time), and those without significant financial support from their employer.

Selection and Awards: Scholarship applications were reviewed by SimGHOSTS staff based off the submitted documents. Awards were then provided to applications that clearly demonstrated an immediate need to support your program’s simulation team.


2014 Scholarship Recipients:

SimGHOSTS Event Director Ryan Eling wishes to thank all who applied for this scholarship, and to Pocket Nurse for their generosity.  The 13 applications received for the 2014 Pocket Nurse Scholarship were reviewed by a panel of volunteers from the SimGHOSTS community.  This panel found all the applications to be quite impressive and selecting only two award recipients was a difficult task. In the end, our team was happy to announce that Jeremy Thaickal and Charles Dewar were selected to each receive a $1500 Pocket Nurse Scholarship to help them attend  SimGHOSTS 2014 USA!

Jeremy Thaickal has been working as a Simulation Specialist at the University of Texas at Arlington’s College of Nursing for the past year and a half.  He hopes “to be a proponent of the field that impacts how simulation can be done and takes it to a whole new level.”  With his background in Biomedical Engineering, Jeremy is excited by how healthcare and technology come together within his role as a Simulation Specialist.  It was great to have him join us in Chicago!

Charles Dewar is the “technology expert” for The Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences at Texas Christian University.  Uniquely positioned within the University, Charles bridges the gap between the College Dean’s office and the IT department at the University.  Charles is passionate about our growing professional community: “I want to be a part of what SimGHOSTS is building. I hope over time to give back to the community more than I receive.”

About Pocket Nurse:

Pocket Nurse® is a nurse owned and operated company that has been selling medical supplies and equipment to Healthcare Educators and Simulation Labs nationwide since 1992. Pocket Nurse® has over 8,500 products to assist Educators to teach all aspects of a healthcare curriculum or to fully equip a Clinical Simulation Lab.

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