SimGHOSTS Testimonials

"In just a few short years and through dedicated volunteers, SimGHOSTS has quickly become the primary innovators for those operating medical simulation technology -- a skillset desperately needed to revolution the healthcare training required to reduce millions of medical errors which take place every day." -Cornell University Press Editor of Culture and Politics of Healthcare & Author of "Beyond the Checklist: What Else Healthcare Can Learn from Aviation Teamwork and Safety" Suzanne Gordon

“I have been a member of SimGHOSTS since its inception because the skills and support gained from this community year after year have been invaluable. Connecting to global peers through the SimGHOSTS in-person hands-on training events and online community has enabled me to take our simulation department to new heights of success.” -UCLA Simulation Technology Specialist Christian Cannady

“In 2011, I received support from my supervisors Dr. Carolyn Yucha, Dr. Shirlee Snyder and Dr. Miriam Bar-on to host a small get-together of maybe 30 Sim Techs from around the Western United States for a hands-on training event at the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas. Five months later, 86 Simulation Champions from all over North America showed up and had such a great time — they demanded we run it again next year! Four years later and we are an official 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit organization with numerous board members, multiple training meetings and hundreds of subscribers from around the world! We will keep going until the simulation community tells us otherwise!”

- SimGHOSTS Founder & Executive Director Lance Baily


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More Praise for SimGHOSTS:

“SimGHOSTS are key drivers around the world when developing Simulation Technologists who support the delivery of healthcare simulation, which is now a core component to any healthcare organization’s patient safety strategy.”
-Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Simulation Center Manager Russell D Metcalfe-Smith
"There is a growing body of evidence to demonstrate that medical simulation training for healthcare professionals improves patient safety. Despite the fact that this training works it is clear that in the UK and worldwide the lack of technical support and faculty training required is preventing our medical staff accessing simulation teaching adequately. SimGHOSTS is the global leader for the support and development of simulation technicians in healthcare and is already making huge strides in promoting their work. As president of ASPiH I am delighted that we have recently signed an affiliation with SimGHOSTS to progress our joint aim of providing affordable hands-on training events and online community and educational resource support."
-Association for the Simulated Practice in Healthcare President & University of Oxford Simulation Centre Director Dr. Helen Higham
“University of the Sunshine Coast, an Australian leader in healthcare simulation was privileged to host the first Australian SimGHOSTS symposium in June 2014. Their professional development event for simulation training and technology specialists made a significant contribution to increasing the utilization of simulation and enhancing the preparation of health professionals.”
-University of the Sunshine Coast Associate Professor of Nursing Dr. Patrea Andersen
“SimGHOSTS provides the only events in the world where you can meet with a wide variety of simulation specialists. The ability to network with other technicians is invaluable. The sessions are highly informative and fun to participate in!”
- Department of Defense Medical Simulation Assistant Roy Ridgeway
"SimGHOSTS is the only organization this is geared to training the inexperienced technician by experienced technicians sharing ideas, techniques and new innovations. SimGHOSTS is what is needed to make Medical Simulation work!”
-Brooke Army Medical Center GME Simulation Coordinator Thomas Kai
“No other resource out there is like SimGHOSTS. The organization’s knowledge pool is vast and shared openly with other members. SimGHOSTS has taken our ability to teach our learners through simulation to a new level.”
- Grand Rapids Medical Education Partners Simulation Technology Specialist Darren Dibble
“Everyone involved in operating simulation needs to be at SimGHOSTS.”
-North Central Texas College Health Sciences Sim Coordinator Amy Wise
“The best symposium I have been to. Unlike other conferences that take place in a convention center or very large hotel, SimGHOSTS takes place in a functioning simulation center and the difference is important! The focus is on sim techs and what we do. Like minded people sharing ideas and knowledge. Lots of fun!”
- Cottage Health System Simulation Technology Specialist Gordon Arkell