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Is your high fidelity simulation experiencing low fidelity, due to poor sound quality? Stress no longer! Lecat's Ventriloscope will show you how to incorporate high quality sounds into your mannequin scenarios or even simulate abnormal auscultation findings on Standardized Patients. Heart and Lung sounds can be synchronized to the pulse and breathing of a mannequin or SP. Low cost and easy to use. You can even use any MP3 file you own on our device! Increase throughput of your sim center by having the SP operate the device while freeing the sim tech to do other activities. Check out our full sound library of heart, lung, bowel, vascular, and percussion files and our new line of products too. Increase the reality of all your mannequin and SP scenarios quickly and simply! Learn more!


Simulaids began producing trauma moulage products in the town of Woodstock in 1963. The first order was received and we were on our way. Simulaids’ moulages were the first commercially available wounds for EMS practice. Since our formation, we have led the industry with many firsts which include: “Sim” in our name, CPR Baby manikins, Fire and Water Rescue Manikins, intubation heads manufactured of silicone, hand held Personal Data Assistants for controlling patient simulators, and new silicone moulages offering realistic details and a lifelike feel. Simulaids is proud to currently offer patient simulators controlled by the iPad. Learn more!