In 2012, the GOT SIM "jack-of-all-tradeshows" became SimGHOSTS!

The "Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Teqchnology Specialists" is a unique meeting as it is the only conference specifically designed for sim techs, or those operating and maintaining the day-to-day operations of medical simulation labs. In 2012, SimGHOSTS began establishing itself as the place for Sim Techs to exchange ideas and contacts, receive specialized training in manikin hardware & software, audiovisual production, moulage makeup, team communication & leadership techniques, medical terminology and much much more. 

SimGHOSTS 2012 was sold out with over 152 Sim Techs from around the world who traveled to the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas for three days of hands-on training in medical simulation related operations and technologies.

Who attended? 

Over 152 Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists (also known as Sim Techs), or those permanently responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of a high-fidelity healthcare simulation lab. The event is open to everyone, however, it is designed specifically for Technology Specialists, Technicians, or those responsible for the physical day-to-day operations and maintenance of a simulation lab.

What they said: 

Event Objectives :

  • Meet with other Simulation Technology Specialists and share best practices
  • Develop long term industry contacts
  • Receive specialized training in:
    • High-fidelity manikin hardware & software operation, maintenance and repair
    • Audiovisual production techniques
    • Team leadership and communication techniques
    • Manikin moulage and makeup
    • Medical terminology and healthcare practices
    • Other community driven topics
  • Discuss industry needs and possible standards

SimGHOSTS 2012 Key Highlights:

Check out the SimGHOSTS 2012 Brochure!


Sim Tech Meeting

The Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino was the official conference hotel for GHOSTS 2012. 

Thanks again to the CSCLV Staff and Deans Yucha, Synder & Bar-on for letting us put on this great event.  

A special thanks goes out to our Founding Sponsors


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