Kirrian Steer - Executive Director (LinkedIn Profile)

Prior to working in healthcare simulation, Kirrian owned and operated a private multidisciplinary allied health practice and was a sessional educator in the vocational education sector. Kirrian’s simulation career began at La Trobe University where she saw an opportunity to combine her three key areas of interest – healthcare, education and technology. During her time at La Trobe University Kirrian developed scenarios for, and provided technical and operational advice to the four campuses of the La Trobe Rural Health School. Additionally, Kirrian managed the Hume Simulation Alliance project, worked with colleagues to establish and run a successful Simulated Patient program, and played a key role in the development of simulation resource portal Following completion of the HSA project Kirrian worked at University of Melbourne as Simulation Coordinator and Education Coordinator in the Rural Clinical School.

Kirrian has a Bachelor of Osteopathic Science and Bachelor of Applied Science (Clinical) from RMIT University and a Master of Preventive Medicine from Edith Cowan University. 


Halldale Group - Operations Management (website)



The Halldale Group is a specialist niche information provider, entirely focused on training and simulation and has been providing high quality content to multiple high risk / reliability industries worldwide for 30 years.

 It is the only ‘media’ operation to address the needs of more than one community. It brought it’s unique perspective to the healthcare sector in 2010 with the aim of providing healthcare operations the most current information on multi disciplinary education, training and simulation best practices. The goal? Improved patient safety and care, enhanced personal and corporate performance.


Halldale is pleased to be able to support SIMGHOSTS through its long experience in magazine publishing, digital media and live events in the defense, airline and healthcare sectors.