SimGHOSTS / ASPiH 2016: UK 


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Event Dates: July 18 - 20, 2016

Event Location: London

Event Host: St. George's Simulation & Clinical Skills Centre

The Gathering Of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists (SimGHOSTS) and The Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare (ASPiH) continued their United Kingdom-based event to provide support to those operating healthcare simulation technologies around the world.

SimGHOSTS / ASPiH 2016 UK Opening Day

SimGHOSTS / ASPiH 2016 UK Day 2

For the past six years, SimGHOSTS has continued to see increased attendance by the international community of Simulation Technology Specialists at the annual hands-on training events, which have increased to four events in 2015. With a mission to connect the world’s growing population of simulation technology professionals together, the non profit organization’s leadership has continued to engage in relationship building with organizations inside and outside the United States. We are now affiliated with ASPiH, Simulation Australia, SSH, and IPSS. Our fifth annual USA event hosted in 2015 by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center was a rousing success which brought together over two hundred simulation champions from around the world.

About Our Host:

The St George’s Advanced Patient Simulation Centre GAPS is an inter-professional training facility at St George’s Hospital, London. We use simulation and other educational tools and techniques to help healthcare teams achieve their full potential. Our centre includes two full-immersion high-fidelity simulation suits, a fully-equipped skills lab, part-task trainers and a post-graduate dental and micro-surgery unit. We provide in-house and external mobile simulation and support for satellite simulation groups. We are based in London, SW17 and have been in operation for more than 17 years.

Our mission statement is to enhance patient care through learner-centred simulation and skills training. We design and deliver high quality programmes which recognise the essential place of multi-professional teams in the delivery of healthcare. We provide a full range of simulation-based training from high-fidelity full-immersion for real teams to part-task skills development exercises for individuals.

We work to place patient-safety at the heart of St George’s and the wider health community. Our approach is evidence-based and aligned to service needs. We aim to improve practice and reduce error, strengthening an institutional memory by expanding the opportunities for participation in our programmes for all staff involved in patient care.

We continually evaluate the impact of what we do for our learners and engage in research into the learning process. We do this with the objective of increasing the value of our work for our learners and learners in general and will always treat them and data they have provided with respect, confidentiality and in accordance with the guidelines provided by the NHS, the Integrated Research Application System and the Declaration of Helsinki.

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Who Should Attend SimGHOSTS Events?

Anyone responsible for the technical operation of a medical simulation lab including full-time or part-time Sim Techs, or clinical educators tasked with operating the day-to-day of simulation spaces. As well, anyone evaluating medical-simulation based technology should strongly consider attending as most major industry vendors are encouraged to attend.

Other meetings are better suited for clinical educators specifically looking to learn how to teach with medical simulation. 

*New Thought* Administrators of simulation programs should also consider sending their institution's AV and IT related staff members who are responsible for supporting the simulation program. In our most recent events, staff from AV and IT departments outside of the healthcare simulation program found immense benefit from participating in SimGHOSTS to better understand the needs of their institution's simulation program!