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Keynote Address Speaker:

Brian Gillett, MD 
CEO & Founder of SimCore
SimCore is a collaborative partner from simAlliance

Brian Gillett is an academic Emergency Medicine physician possessing over a decade of leadership experience in the field of healthcare simulation and patient safety. He created and directed the simulation centers for Kings County Hospital, SUNY Downstate College of Medicine and Maimonides Medical Center, during which time SimCore was conceived. As a simulation director, he founded the company with the vision of creating patient safety solutions from within the simulation community.

Dr. Gillett’s presentation will explore new technologies designed to improve healthcare performance through innovative, intuitive, and high impact solutions from within our community. Brian will share how effective and sustainable healthcare interventions must be developed in a genuine partnership with those who will ultimately utilize the systems. For simulation to succeed it has to first be managed and supported in an effective way, and this presentation will show us how through creative approaches and innovative solutions.

Dr. Gillet will also demonstrate lessons for the successful development, growth, and support of staff who operate simulation programs from his numerous administrative roles. Finally, Brian will share key ways members of the SimGHOSTS community can increase the support of their professional development from administrators and clinical faculties from a “grass roots” perspective.

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Come witness simAlliance – a new collaborative group setting the standard for simulation systems. With a commitment in seamless integration, LEVEL 3 HEALTHCARE, distributors of the deluxe debriefing system SIMSTATION and SIMCORE, the premiere simulation center and learning management software.

SimAlliance sets a new standard in simulation collaboration with a commitment to seamless integration from beginning to end.

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SimCore Technologies, innovating software solutions from within the medical and patient safety community, provides high yield work tools and consultative services in the domain of healthcare safety & immersive education. The SimCore software platform delivers efficient and intuitively designed solutions for managing simulation centers & healthcare performance improvement programs. Facilitating the design and implementations of simulated patient encounters and clinical debriefs, real-time identification of healthcare performance vulnerabilities and robust workflow management, SimCore provides high-yield work tools, organically disseminates best practices and enables cross-disciplinary collaboration within the healthcare community.